You Pick Your Gas, They Pick Your Brain

Are you bored for those five minutes that it takes to fuel up at the pump? Do you ever wonder what you could do with that time? A new company out of Detroit has. Gas Station TV (GSTV) is innovative advertising and marketing tool that is expanding across the country. The founders of GSTV, David Leider CEO, Steve Kuehn CFO/COO and Mo Alcaptan EVP want to provide information and entertaining media to people at the pump. In 2006 they took their vision and made it a reality. The vision started as a five-station pump pilot in Dallas and took off with huge success taking over 2,600 stations across the country. GSTV is based in Detroit, and recently became America’s #1 video network at the fuel pump.


GSTV is passionate about what they do and how they do it. Their mission is to connect their partners with millions of on-the-go consumers daily. “Whether you’re a viewer, gas retailer, advertiser, content provider, media reporter or anyone else we have the pleasure of connecting with, our goal is to positively impact you or your business through digital video at the pump.” The team at GSTV is highly sought out for their impeccable and innovative skills. The team is built up of handpicked experts that have a high range of talents. The mission, or focus rather, is complete dedication and all around passion for what they do and the company they support. “Led by forward thinking, strategic executives that have been at the heart of the company since day one, we work in harmony each day to provide the absolute best media experience at the pump.” (GSTV) The rapid growth and success of GSTV even caught the eye of ABC 7 in this digital news short.

GSTV has also found its way into our home of Chicago. The company has its new and improved marketing and advertising tools located at 22 W. Washington St. 15th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602.


GSTV is not only excited about expanding its company, it is also excited to meet you and grow internally. “We are a dynamic, highly talented family here at GSTV and we seek individuals who share our passion and drive to make great things happen.” A phrase the company coined is “We’re pumped to meet you.” Clever, but it sends a strong message. GSTV truly wants to meet the real you, the passionate and unique you. So along with creating and building what is soon to be just another house hold name, GSTV wants you to be part of the success. I am ‘pumped’ to see the heights that GSTV can reach.


2 thoughts on “You Pick Your Gas, They Pick Your Brain

  1. I’m surprised it’s based in Detroit; I always hide inside my car when I’m pumping gas in the winter. I think a company like this will grow and experience a lot of success in warm, spread-out cities like Los Angeles, but I can’t imagine a Chicago driver braving arctic winds for a couple minutes of TV. Regardless, this is such a cool idea! I hadn’t heard anything about this company before reading your article.


  2. This seems like a great idea, but I worry that it will just overwhelm customers. For me, getting out of the car to pump gas is a short break where I literally watch the numbers go up, as I envision my bank account go down. Adding a screen to a mundane experience could just be another annoyance to our already digitally-crowded lives.


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