Step it up NFL

With the consistent issue of domestic violence being discussed in today’s culture, it is no wonder that the news of NFL player Ray Rice hitting his at the time fiancé, now wife became national news almost instantly once video proof was found.


Watch Video Here


To begin to consider the potential crisis communication as only a matter of Rice’s personal public relations team would be foolish. The issue has become larger than that due the entire fact that the title “NFL” is now being associated with men such as Rice and thus woman are beginning to not only loose interest but also develop a negative attitude towards the NFL.



This, however, was the not the first time that an issue of domestic violence involving a NFL player has risen. Former Redskins player Fred Davis and Panthers player Greg Hardy also face similar charges, while all three players managed to maintain a spot on their team until video evidence was shown as proof of the violence. Why are woman not being heard in the NFL until video proof is found?


Several CEOs of ad agencies including Eric Johnson, founder of Ignited are arguing that their will be no lasting impact on the league as a result of Rice’s actions. They believe that those who are finding a connection between the opinion of the woman and the NFL are those that already have a standing issue between them.


According to The National Football League, woman make up around 46% of its fans meaning a decrease in their support will damage the league by nearly half. With the weekly Sunday games and the constant support from fans comes another aspect of the NFL that is often looked over, the merchandise. According to woman, the NFL has already pushed their luck by offering woman their own quirky and often comical version of the jersey often seen in colors such as pink and purple. Woman feel that they are often being overlooked as “normal” fans especially when it comes to the choices they have for merchandise.


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.01.39 PM


In regards to the NFL and their outlook on fans that are woman, do you believe that the incident with Ray Rice will have an actual affect on the number of fans or do you believe it to be more of the already existing issues? Is there even a specified “issue” among the two or will the discrimination among woman in the NFL remain constant no matter what the situation is?




7 thoughts on “Step it up NFL

  1. The NFL constantly tries to cover up these issues in attempt to protect the League’s brand name, but it always makes it worse. Today, nothing can be kept secret and the NFL should have learned their lesson by now about trying to cover up scandal.


    • It is truly sad when any organization or company covers up certain moral and unethical situations merely to continue business and profit. Now, the commissioner of the NFL is under immense scrutiny for not taking action sooner. This is far from over.


  2. We can only hope that actual change will stem from this event. Not all women watch football to please their boyfriends and husbands. They are a substantial fan base and should not be overlooked. The NFL should not defend abusive players who represent not only their team but the entire organization.


  3. This is a very difficult line for the NFL to balance on. They need to keep players on their teams that support the NFL’s image. Players that represent the leadership qualities any such organization wants to uphold- but also do their best to give appropriate repercussions for the person’s actions.

    I’m not so sure this will affect the NFL’s viewership- people just love football too much!


  4. I believe that this is a huge issue, but the NFL is not going to lose any followers or have a bad reputation. There have been many other controversies in the NFL, like Hernandez being a murder and people still follow the teams and team mates. This will be a public issue, but not for long the NFL will do its best to get it out of the media.


  5. I agree with many of these comments, but like the previous comment, I don’t believe that these issues will stop, or stop being covered up by the NFL. Footage of Rice pulling his girlfriend out of the elevator was released prior to the full video being released. Shouldn’t that be enough to warrant an investigation into the events that occurred? Why are we only just now seeing the full picture?


  6. This footage is horrible, and Ray Rice should not be excused for what he did. However, this should be part of a larger debate about the archaic way the NFL punishes players. Ray Rice is indefinitely suspended, or maybe for four games, or something (details are still unclear). On the other side, Von Miller is suspended 4 games for ecstasy, while other players are suspended for a year for smoking week. Until there is consistency, and a set of standards that are always enforced, the debate cannot center only on Ray Rice.


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