Saving Net Neutrality

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.43.33 AMToday, several major sites such as Netflix, Etsy, Urban Dictionary, Vimeo, WordPress and several others, will demonstrate a protest against internet fast and slow lanes. The “Internet Slowdown Day” protest, fighting for net neutrality, are fighting back against major cable and internet companies who profit from providing certain sites with faster lanes for a higher price. As part of the demonstration, page loading icons will appear on the participating sites to show what the internet will look like if net neutrality seizes to exist. 

Prices that sites pay to cable and internet companies are driven up by the sites’ need for traffic. Today’s internet is all about speed. People don’t want to visit a site that takes too long to load. Sites are practically forced to pay these companies ridiculous amounts of money just to keep their website traffic up. 

Netflix has publicly had issues before with Comcast slowing down the Netflix internet lanes, and now they are fighting back. Recently, the FCC has struggled to redefine net neutrality laws, even though major sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google and have been lobbying the FCC to save net neutrality. The FCC’s hesitance to define net neutrality laws and openness to the cable companies charging more for fast lanes, makes this demonstration even more important.

Net Neutrality is important because it takes away power from major cable providers like Comcast. Comcast has a huge presence in the market and giving a company like that too much power will drive up consumer prices and their power will control website popularity. After today’s protest, hopefully awareness is brought to public attention and the FCC will move to set laws in place. 


Careless, J. (2014, September 8). Netflix to join Internet Slowdown protest Sept 10 | TechHive. Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “Saving Net Neutrality

  1. This is a concept that I have never heard of, or thought was such an issue. You presented the argument and concern in this blog very well. I also agree with you. Well researched and forward thinking.


  2. I had hear the term net neutrality before but never knew exactly what it meant. The fact that sites with more money can “hog” internet lanes seems unfair and some sort of policy needs to be put in place before these over powered sites take up space that start up sites need to function.


  3. Very interesting concept! I think we often forget how new these programs still are and how net neutrality is an important topic.. thank you for expanding on this topic that I was unfamiliar with!


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