Mobile Advertising Killed the Radio Star

When the average person thinks of an advertisement for a product or service it’d be safe to assume that commercials would be one of the first things to come to mind. Which makes sense. The reason commercials are such a popular method of advertisement is largely because they can be broadcasted directly to the consumer across the television and the radio. Until recently these were the two mediums companies could use to get their advertisements closest to the consumer. Since the emergence of the smart phone, however, that is no longer the case.


Damn near everyone these days has a smart phone that stays by their side throughout the day. It didn’t take long for companies to realize that they could be sending advertisements literally to the palm of potential consumer’s hands. Now that they have the practice down it looks as though mobile advertising is becoming the dominant medium for advertising. Increased spending on mobile advertisements for this year are already set to send the amount of digital revenue in the U.S. to $50 billion. Not only is mobile advertisement better for catching the eyes of the consumer but it is also an incredibly lucrative investment.

With all the money going towards mobile advertisement there’s bond to be some divestment from the other two forms, particularly radio.

4 thoughts on “Mobile Advertising Killed the Radio Star

  1. Seeing adds on my mobile device is probably the single most annoying feature on the planet. Most of the problem arising from the fact that it has not always been this way. The success of the infiltration of mobile advertisements is a new and improved art form, I do not believe that it will take away from radio/television ads.


  2. It seems as though the power of the smartphone will only grow and, therefore, the number, frequency, and intensity of the ads present on it and it’s systems is likely to grow along with.


  3. Just when you think you’re safe from advertisements another new concept is created to infiltrate your everyday life with advertisements. I wonder if users will start to use their phones less because they will be annoyed with the advertisements? This is definitely something to continue looking into long term.


    • You’re right. Not using your phone is the only way to avoid these kinds of ads. The same goes for tv and radio but they don’t have any utility outside of watching shows or listening to music. Some people literally cannot get on without their phones because they rely on them for work. So there’s really no getting away from mobile advertising.


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