Is Apple Innovative Anymore?

Why is changing the size of an iPhone considered an innovative new Apple product?

Apple began as the company who provided consumers with technology we did not know we needed. From the first Macbook to the iPhone, Apple products have revolutionized the mobile technology industry. At the Apple event held Tuesday in California, Apple previewed its newest innovations including the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and a new wireless payment system.

The newest products seem to be the apple version of competitors’ products, especially Samsung and Google, instead of broadening consumers’ visions of what was technologically possible. The Apple Watch would have appeared more innovative if Samsung had not debuted its own smart watch almost a year ago.

While users can dress their Apple Watch in various band styles and clock preferences, it is essentially Apple’s way of trying to compete in the wearable technology market. The few perks the Apple Watch include mobile app updates, health monitoring applications, and wireless charging. The most bizarre feature is that Apple Watch holders can share their heartbeat with one another. The Apple Watch also only works in accordance with other iPhones, once again excluding other mobile users.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 8.23.16 PM

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are larger versions of the previous iPhone however with longer battery life and a better camera, which means more time for users to take clearer Instagram pictures. Lastly, Apple introduced a new wireless payment system, a digital credit card on your phone. However after the recent celebrity photo scandal where someone allegedly hacked into celebrities iCloud and stole very personal photos, is investing private bank account information onto our mobile devices a smart idea?


Maybe I am a skeptical Apple user, but the newest products do not set Apple apart from its competition. When the first iPhone was released in 2007, it forever changed the mobile market. Apple was once a company synonymous with innovation, design, and prestige. The past few Apple products have not matched the same level of ingenuity. The headphone jack was moved to the bottom. The size of the iPhone has continuously grown until it can be considered a tablet and the charging equipment has changed.

I could be completely wrong and find myself wearing my very own Apple Watch in 2015. I could succumb to its shiny exterior and fall in love with its technology once it is available. Until then, I do not see the creative vision and forward thinking that started Apple.  

5 thoughts on “Is Apple Innovative Anymore?

  1. I agree with your comment regarding Apple not being as innovative as they used to be. I feel like they continue to create iPhones not to be the game changers in the world. Instead they create them in order to continue stringing along their long time customers into extending their contract with them. I truly believe that Steve Jobs was the one who had all the brilliant ideas regarding keeping Apple innovative and constantly creating new ideas to change the world. Since he’s passed an integral part of Apple has also passed away with him… the innovation.


    • I agree with this statement completely. What has Apple come out with recently that is truly and genuinely revolutionary within the past couple years? Yeah, sure, the watch is cool, but there are already different types of bracelets that can track your activity and what not, plus, in my own personally opinion, why would you want to read your email on a screen the size of a watch face? Apple is truly just stringing along their sucker customers (me).


  2. It’s different now without Steve Jobs. Apple is only fixing the little problems the previous devices had and creating an improved version of them. For example, longer battery life and bigger screen. They totally forget about their mission to be innovation and creating something new. I am not even impressed with their iPhone 6 promotional video. They should stop focusing on competition and start being innovative and keep Apple on top.


  3. Do you believe that Apple will slowly be on the decline if they continue to make such minute changes to their new iPhones? Yes, they made changes, but people expect more change a and innovation from a company like Apple.


  4. I like this post because it verbalizes a lot of the thoughts that I had when the new products were launched. This was the first time that I have felt disappointed in the release of a new iPhone. Also, I never realized that their new products seem to just be copying products that other companies have already released. That makes me feel as though Apple is virtually admitting that the other companies products were better. Which makes me feel like I should go buy those products instead of the Apple product.


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