Many people in he United States today, technically over 55%, live in a blended family household. Since a majority of children live in a world where parents are separated it’s shocking how many people still have an aversion to the lifestyle. And now I can see why. There are a lot of hardships that come with a blended family but there are also great things that come from this too. Jada Pinkett Smith has been an advocate for blended families, especially hers, and making it a loving household. She posts sound advice on her Facebook page.yet I have not found many positive things said about blended families. There are a lot of social media sites that pawn the biological mother against the step mother and visa versa. The father is always looked down upon as a dead beat in a majority of the cases without looking at the circumstances.


For those living in these situations it can be hard to know your place in a family and the stigma that come with it can be hard to overcome. Especially in those prime years when your image is everything, aka high school. Posting this information negatively on social media will not help the dynamic that the feminist protest has shelled to produce today. Since it is no longer taboo for women to have sex out of wedlock and men don’t have to marry a woman who is pregnant these statistics have significantly increased.

There are many organizations out there for Fathers Rights, the state that helps families in these situations and advocates for single mothers. But what about the children. If this is the Type of material that is being shown to them maybe advertisers and social media should be more apt to have a more positive outlook for their sake. They didn’t ask to be brought into this world and the negative viewpoint greatly impacts them. Switzerland is one country where having children out-of-wedlock is normal. They are used to having 2 or more partners as their children’s father without all the chaos that occurs in America.



Seeing the negativity makes it a sad ordeal and a prospective marketing tool that many can utilize. As advertisers and marketers, if we portray these issues in a different light maybe so many problems wouldn’t be attached to an innocent child’s birth. Not all circumstances are like this which is why Jada is a pioneer in this rarely noticed issue.



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