What Has Blackberry Come To?

Recently Huffington Post came out with an article titled; “Blackberry Would like to Remind You It Still Exists” followed by a preview of a tweet the official Blackberry page made in response to the new release of the IPhone 6:

Is this a clever marketing strategy to show that Blackberry still has an edge on the market or a desperate ploy made through a rushed, haphazard tweet? Blackberry used to be the leading role model for smartphones everywhere but with ever-changing technology they have not seemed to be able to keep up with the advanced and innovative Samsung and Apple. An article on the website Phone Dog states, “What was once a great empire in the mobile industry has become little more than news filler on many occasions as of late.”[1] This tweet is in danger of making this organization seem desperate for customers, exactly the opposite effect of what they had hoped. Blackberry seems to be getting lost in a technology haze and considering the title of Huffington Post, the public does not seem so impressed either.

Twitter is a well-known social media that reaches billions of users who tweet on the daily and is known as an excellent source for advertisement and marketing purposes but Blackberry needs more than a simple discreet tweet to increase its consumer base. When clicking on the link within the tweet it connects to a series of short slides comparing the strengths of Blackberry to the weaknesses of Apple. The ending slide is what stood out to me most, the quote that Blackberry leaves you with is:

Blackberry plays on Apple’s shorter lived time in the business and lack of security. One of the features of the new IPhone 6 is that it can be used as a form of payment which people worry can be a breach in security to have so much credit information on file.

Blackberry will need more media influence and fresh ideas than one simple innocuous tweet to coerce Apple customers to switch over to their services. Although a tweet is better than nothing, they should be thinking about more than just “security and productivity”. Where are the exciting, innovative new features of the Blackberry 10? How has Blackberry kept up with consumer’s changing desires within the smart phone industry? Most importantly how are they keeping up with the tech savvy generation of millennials who are a huge percentage of buyers within the smartphone industry? This company is in need of a revamp for the sake of their future. It could start with their marketing techniques but to pave the way for better advertisement is the need for better technologically advanced ideas to be present in the first place.


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5 thoughts on “What Has Blackberry Come To?

  1. I forgot about Blackberry. It’s sad because they really were the dominant smart phone back when we were in middle school, and who doesn’t love a good game of brickbreaker? The difference between Blackberry and Apple is very apparent to me though – Blackberries are for professionals while iPhones are for everyone. Apple has been successful in my opinion because they “dumb down” their products and make it really easy for even the least technologically savvy to use. I think Blackberry would be more successful if they compared their products to and competed more with Android – a more sophisticated brand with products for people who care more about security and speed and all that whereas iPhone users just want to be able to tweet at the swipe of a screen.


  2. To be honest, I didn’t even think Blackberry was still creating new product. I haven’t seen new ads, heard buzz through word of mouth, or read recent news articles on the company. It’s easier said than done, but Blackberry definitely needs to up their game when it comes to selling their product on the market and honing in on who they’re trying to reach and how. It might be a bit too late for that now though considering how loyal Apple users are. Brand loyalty is probably one of the harder things to accomplish and destroy.


  3. BlackBerry, Android, and WP have had NFC for awhile, Wi-Fi calling for 7 yrs or so. With NFC you can share pics, music, etc except with iOS. Shame they continue to be a walled off garden. And don’t talk about the price – OUCH!


  4. I think BlackBerry definitely comes off as desperate in its tweet! Even competitors like Samsung and Windows probably won’t be publishing salty quips to social media this week — it looks bad. If anything, seeing BlackBerry’s stab at getting attention reminded me just how outdated (and apparently struggling) the phone company is. If their new phone is truly the “best choice,” they should promote it somewhere other than their own Twitter account.


  5. The Blackberry Pearl was the first smartphone I ever had. It was a great machine. I think it’s unfortunate how a company that was so built into our culture has managed to fade away. The recent scandal with celebrity nudes being taken from their iCloud accounts leads many of us to question Apple’s security, especially those who have stored their fingerprints in the cloud. Blackberry’s best bet is to work the security angle and even then they don’t quite stand a chance.


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