Twitter Launches ‘Buy’ Button: Introducing New E-commerce Platform

Twitter has introduced a new shopping feature which lets tweeters purchase items from the musicians and companies they follow – what will you buy first?


By choosing to “Buy” an item on your newsfeed, Twitter mobile apps (iPhone and Android) will direct you to another page where you can enter your payment and shipping information and BOOM you’ve just made your first Twitter purchase. Now it’s easier than ever to buy that Wiz Khalifa CD you never really needed… or wanted.

The beta version of the app is currently being tested by various musicians and brands, as well as nonprofits. Artists such as Eminem, Paramore, and Ryan Adams have begun selling merchandise through the app along with Burberry, Home Depot and the non-profit (RED) (Johnson). By having such a wide variety of sellers in its test run, Twitter can track which consumers are most likely to fall to the temptations of sweet advertising.


This new feature makes Twitter a more valuable platform for marketing. It is now more beneficial than ever for companies to have a Twitter presence – vital not only for their brand image but now also for their mobile commerce.

As far as we now, you only see products from the users you follow. But will Twitter add this feature onto sponsored tweets? Would that ruin the ‘Buy’ button for you?

Do you feel this is Twitter moving in the right direction? as compared to their new “Facebook”-like visual update. What other potential problems do you see arising from this new twitter feature? Will you be using it?


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5 thoughts on “Twitter Launches ‘Buy’ Button: Introducing New E-commerce Platform

  1. I think that this could be a good idea for charity cases but I think that it could definitely get annoying because you don’t use twitter as a shopping site, you use it as a venting site.


  2. I think it does show Twitter is more valuable. I watched the Apple Event today, and they talked about the new Apple Pay, which will make making payments easier by acting as a secure digital wallet for all your cards. It will be available this October! It’ll go global in the future and “Already, there are many innovative merchants and service providers on board” Source: If Twitter has the same intention, then it would make them very valuable and profitable. The only problem is that there is competition in the sort of ‘quick pay’ area. There might be some issues with pricing if Twitter is selling the same things as iTunes, Apple, Amazon, etc. Hopefully there are no price wars or soemthing. Otherwise, it’s a very interesting decision made by Twitter.


  3. This is going to be a huge problem for me. I think that when people can easily push the button to buy things and not worry about putting in your credit card information for every purchase, they buy more. I know I use the “Buy Now” feature on Amazon all the time. This was smart of Twitter. They’re getting into the whole new world of e-commerce


  4. I would be really interested to see if/when Twitter makes it possible to sell stuff unrelated to the music or clothing industries. For example, some businesses that I work with are in the events industry, and if it was possible to sell tickets to those events on Twitter.. that has the possibility to be a game-changer!


  5. I think this a great way to open up the Twitter world. It helps to keep the company relevant and in a world of ‘give it to me now.’ The Twitter shop will make marketing much easier. Users will buy products directly from Tweets of the endorsing celebrity. This could lead to a lot of impulse purchases especially from the tween and teen audiences.


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