The Smartphone Competition

Apple’s iPhone controls the smartphone market. Many challengers have emerged to test the iPhone’s dominance, but it still rules the market and is owned by the majority of people around the world. The iPhone 5s and 5c models sold more than 9 million phones over the first three days of the release in September of 2013. Other companies have attempted to use creative advertisements to persuade consumers to try a different smartphone. Nokia released a commercial featuring Cortana, a “virtual personal assistant” programmed into the Nokia Lumia 635 model and other Windows phones. This is a direct response to the iPhone’s “Siri” assistant. The commercial linked below shows Cortana as a much faster, more intelligent version of Siri. The ad attempts to convince us that Cortana makes the Nokia Lumia 635 superior to the iPhone.

The commercial really does make Cortana seem like a far better version of Siri. Nokia even uses Apple’s trademark side-by-side style of commercial to compare the two products. The name for the virtual assistant comes from a character in the popular Microsoft gaming series, Halo. In the game, Cortana is the artificial intelligence computer that interacts with and helps the main character of Halo. She is a very important character to the Halo series, and the popularity of the game will translate to the recognition of the Cortana virtual assistant for the Windows phone. The voice actor from the game, Jen Taylor, is the same voice for the virtual assistant, adding to the recognition of the feature from gamers and fans of Halo.

Despite this creative ad, it is difficult to compete with Apple. Today, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Two new iPhone commercials were shown at the announcement, with each advertisement featuring the voices of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

The first commercial is extremely simple. Fallon and Timberlake hum the “Space Odyssey: 2001” theme, giving an epic feel to the unveiling of the new phones. The second commercial features the pair cracking jokes using a new “health tracker” feature of the iPhone 6. The side-by-side view of the basic and plus models of the iPhone 6 emphasize the larger display that Apple users have been waiting for. By using the voices of these two popular celebrities, Apple appeals to a wide audience who are fans of the pair and continues their brand’s recent trend of using ONLY the voices of celebrities to endorse their products rather than their faces. The two iPhone 6 models will be released on September 19th. We can only imagine what kind of earth shattering sales figures the new phones will produce. It will be interesting to compare iPhone 6 sales to the sales of the Nokia Windows phones with Cortana to see if the new ad campaign helped close the gap between Apple and Windows phones.

Connor Doyle

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2 thoughts on “The Smartphone Competition

  1. This is an really funny commercial! It gives viewers really “smart” experiential feeling about Cortana. But the social status and past experience still will make me buy the new iphone 6 instead of windows phone 😛


  2. From the first time I saw this commercial, I did not get why they called it Cortana. I know SIRI is IRIS backwards, which means something for Apple. Not sure what the Cortana is from. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue the way SIRI does. If I were in public and talking to my phone saying “Cortana, do such and such for me” I wouldn’t feel very cool. I’d feel much cooler saying SIRI. Cool things the feature can do, though.


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