“Share” a Beer With Your Facebook Friends

Buying things online is one thing, buying gifts for friends is another. Especially when it’s a cold one, that’s right, beer. Budweiser is entering the social commerce game… and I don’t think this can’t end well. It’s not the product that won’t do well, but I think sending gifts over the Internet isn’t something that will take off any time soon. I personally still feel hesitant sending a gift through GroupOn, I feel there is too much risk.

There are many who don’t know what social commerce is, and it is sometimes abbreviated as “s-ecommerce” and it basically means marketing strategies that incorporate established social networks and/peer-to-peer communication to boost even more sales.

“Bud Light Birthday lets Facebook users dole out free vouchers for Budweiser or Bud Light to of-age consumers on their birthdays. Buds for Buds is aimed at celebrating other types of special occasions.”  As exciting as this idea sounds, there are more steps to this that make it complicated which leads to a chance of something going wrong.

Share a Bud Light


I really like the concept, especially since this would be useful in a current predicament with not being 21 when all my other cousin’s are, I could “celebrate” with them at their parties by using this social commerce, but I would still be worried.

What I found interesting was the fact they are choosing to only do this through Facebook and not any other social media platform. “…for Bud Light, Facebook has a significantly bigger audience. The brand has roughly 106,000 followers on Twitter compared to more than seven million on Facebook.” When you look at their numbers it’s obvious as to why, and they can always just use Twitter to promote the Facebook app, it’s just interesting to see only one social media outlet being used when there are so many ways to interact with people now.  Being a social media manager, I use multiple platforms so I would try to use as many as possible. “Yesterday, Twitter rolled out a universal ‘Buy’ button that marketers can employ to drive sales from tweets. Starbucks and Coca-Cola have also tried Twitter gifting with programs that let users send others small gifts.” So, it’s not that it can’t be done, but they are making the decision to just use Facebook.

Think this is a good idea? Will it be successful? Let me know in the comment section below! 


Johnson, Lauren. “Budweiser Lets You Buy Beer for Your Facebook Friends.” AdWeek. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Sept. 2014.

3 thoughts on ““Share” a Beer With Your Facebook Friends

  1. It’s an very interesting idea! I also agree that it doesn’t feel the same that using Groupon to send something as a gift to friends. I feel like more companies are getting into the social commerce area and it would be a success because it takes advantage of social networks.


  2. I think this is definitely a fun idea! However I still don’t think people are going to choose s-commerce over traditional gift-giving. But it could definitely take off in the next couple of years.


  3. This is the best thing I have ever seen. On Facebook whenever you wish someone Happy Birthday, it gives you the option of giving the person a gift card from a few places. If giving a beer was a choice I’d do give it to everyone on their birthday. I bet Budweiser is going to make a ton of money on this. It’s very casual to buy a friend a beer.


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