“I Will What I Want”

Under Armour has released a series of TV spots featuring accomplished ballerina Misty Copeland and supermodel Gisele Bundchen being…awesome. The $15 million campaign is being aimed towards generating awareness for female athletics, as well as providing females with the tools to become successful athletes. The point of these commercials is to place a woman into a setting the public doesn’t normally see; Gisele is at a gym punching a punching-bag, and Misty dancing beautifully in Under Armour apparel. The brand is redesigning their business to appeal to more women, and is successfully doing so by telling the back stories of accomplished female athletes and relating them to every other athlete in the world. Sports are no longer a man’s world.

This means a lot of things for the advertising and business world. It is not a secret that women are starting to become more involved in sports, at all ages, and share many of the same dreams as ua

male athletes. Under Armour has taken the lead in developing strategies that market to these women and showcase their talents, while maintaining a strong brand identity. We can all expect that Under Armour’s profit is about to explode, with many purchases being made by women and young girls. They have beaten a lot of other athletic apparel companies in this race, and I am just glad that these companies are finally showing everyone why being a strong, athletic woman is such a great thing.



5 thoughts on ““I Will What I Want”

  1. I think the approach Under Armour took is extremely smart. It seems to me they are trying to take on the “lululemon crowd” and that is a large crowd to say the least. I think any ad that supports women is great. It is difficult to find something that is not a positive with this new campaign.

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  2. I haven’t seen the campaign with Gisele Bundchen yet, but I love the video of Misty Copeland. Feminism and gender equality tends to have a stigma, and I think it’s so great that companies are tackling a subject that gets brushed under the rug so often. Not only is Under Armour bringing light to an important social issue, but they’re doing it in a creative way with attention grabbing ads.

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  3. I love the angle Under Armor is taking. It shows the truth behind these girls and doesn’t sugar coat their hard work and success. Being a women is extraordinary and it is the absolute truth that women are as powerful as men- in every aspect.


  4. I think this is a great approach for Under Armour. Especially in the light of the Ray Rice story, it is nice to see an athletic brand acknowledging and respecting females as valuable athletes.


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