Apple: The Copycat



As everybody knows Apple came out with a slew of new products today. As could have been expected, every Apple user was running around asking if their friends had seen “The giant screen” on the new phone. Those of us who have Android phones roll our eyes and laugh at the fact that their “Innovative” new phone has technology in it that Android has had for years.

Recently, Samsung has taken over the smartphone industry. They are outselling the iPhone due to their impressive features, innovative designs and customization abilities. Don’t try to tell this to an iPhone user, though. They will laugh and tell you how much better their iPhone is than a Samsung. If this were true, then why is Apple copying all of Samsung’s phones’ features?

The big screen isn’t the only feature that the new iPhone has that came from Samsung. The premium camera, use of ultra-high-definition screens, an extra-large version, smart watches, 64 bit processors, extra-strength screen glass, 3D optimization and ultra-high-capacity batteries are all features that Samsung and Android phones have had for years. It’s amazing how people can get so excited for a device that has already outdated technology.

In the iPhone’s defense, they did virtually create the smartphone industry. For the first couple years, no other phone could come close to the iPhone’s impressive features. However, Android indisputably surpassed the iPhone many years ago with features and technology.


I think it’s important for me to point out that I don’t have any problem with people using iPhones. Apple phones have some features that Android phones don’t and everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and chose which phone they want to use. My problem, then, lies in the way many iPhone users talk down not only about Android phones, but also the people who use android. Many iPhone users act like they are better than those of us who use Android. It seems like some iPhone users think that they are part of a higher society because of their phones. This just isn’t true and is ridiculous. Android phones are just as good and as packed with technology as iPhones are. They’re just different.


To sum it up; getting excited about the new iPhone is perfectly acceptable. You have the right to do so. I’m happy you’re excited about it! However, gallivanting around talking about how it’s the most amazing device ever made and talking down to Android users is unnecessary, inaccurate and obnoxious. Using an Android phone is a choice, just as using an iPhone is and those who make that choice should not be talked down to for our opinions.




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2 thoughts on “Apple: The Copycat

  1. I do think that the reason Apple has created their new phone with a larger screen similar to a Galaxy is in order to ensure that they remain similar enough to their competition that those who are deciding between the two will always choose Apple. I think that on their part it’s actually very strategic because it creates an even smaller divide in the competition which might persuade those leaning towards Galaxy’s because of the large screen size to either remain or switch to an Apple phone.


  2. I may have some bias as a loyal iPhone user, but I do not think that the superiority complex is exclusive to Apple customers. I have had many personal experiences with Samsung Galaxy users in which they touted their bigger screen and faster speed. I do agree that Apple took the bigger screen concept from Samsung, but lets not forget who started this whole touchscreen craze. Albeit, there were touch screens on cellular phones long before the first iPhone, but they were not nearly as mainstream or widely accepted.

    Personally, I’ve always like iPhones because, lets be honest, a simpleton could use one. They’re so addictively easy to use, and I haven’t found that simplicity in any other Galaxy phone. Sometimes too many features can leave one yearning for the days when phones had a keyboard.


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