Evian Advertisements Makes Splash on Social Media Users

Evian has been making a big splash on the social media world as they launch a new advertising campaign via Twitter.  Starting in New York, Evian used the hashtag #Evianbottleservice in select locations during select times and enabled users to have bottles of water delivered directly to them.  For obvious reasons, water brands are not normally known to make waves in the advertising world.  However, through Evian’s carefully planned campaign, they created a desire for the brand and a way to easily obtain bottles of water.


  Though real-time social media engagement is not possible in all areas all the time, Evian representatives claim great success with the campaign, reporting that the increase in followers from July to August (the time leading up to the event) went up by 11 times.  The use of social media to promote and advertise brands has proven to be sensational in recent years increasing profit and brand awareness.  Though sometimes the ethicality of the promotion strategies are questioned, the results are clear.  Each time social media users and loyal brand customers retweet, favorite or use Evian’s twitter handle or hashtags, they expose the brand that they love to a whole host of users that may not be so familiar with it.  Evian’s most recent project was such a success because it took the advertising one step further by creating a reward for interacting with and promoting the brand.  This gave the users who were previously unfamiliar with the brand more incentive to follow and interact with Evian while strengthening the customer relationship with loyal followers.

  While I believe many marketing schemes and ad campaigns using social media are unethical, I do think they are extremely effective.  By using your customers to create awareness for a product, you bypass the costs of commercials or other paid advertisements to get the merchandise out there. Evian did just that, using its Twitter followers to spread the word.  They did however, create a reward, (an actual day that users could have water delivered to them like a carryout service) which made the fact that these users were advertising chips a little more acceptable.  This way, both the company and consumer gain rewards from the campaign.  Evian has planned to take their campaign international, and I think it is a great move for the company, but what do you think?  Does and influx of Twitter followers scream success for a company?  Is it ethical to use Twitter as a means of advertisement if there are rewards involved?


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4 thoughts on “Evian Advertisements Makes Splash on Social Media Users

  1. Do you know how effective the company was on actually delivering the water? It seems like an extreme feat to get a bottle of water out to everyone. I’m just curious as to how they executed their promise.


  2. I really enjoy this Evian campaign. I think they are looking at the bottled water industry in a new innovative way and giving us something they haven’t seen before. I agree, I do think they should take this campaign international and see how people from other cultures respond as well.


  3. I think the #evianbottleservice slogan is brilliant. They are appealing to people who want to enjoy “classy” water. And the bottle service is a reference to bottle service at a night club when they bring expensive bottles of liquor with sparklers attached. The slogan give Evian an upscale feel and will appeal to consumers who enjoy a high status.


  4. The beautiful thing about Twitter is that the social medium’s expected benefit are campaigns exactly like #evianbottleservice. Twitter’s popularity has exponentially grown over the years because its users revel in the personalized interactions they share with their favorite brands. Evian’s brand perception is that of elegance and extravagance, and all about status. Logically, Evian drinkers love having it delivered to them through a personalized bottle service. I love the idea.


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