“Are you a sipper or a gulper?”

Would you be more apt to drink water from a fountain if it talked to you?  The “Partnership for a Healthier America” has created a new campaign called, “Drink Up, which aims to get people to drink more water.  Y&R New York and digital ad agency VML, created a water contain that begins to speak when the water touches someones lips, and stops when the water leaves the lips.  The video promoting the campaign shows creeped out water drinkers looking around aimlessly as they hear a voice saying array of somewhat snarky comments such as, “Can I ask you a personal question?  Are you a sipper or a gulper?

This new water fountain can be compared to the “piano stairs” by Volkswagen.  Both make ordinary daily experiences a little more editing in attempt to make people choose the healthier option.  But is this advertising?  The only hint of why this talking water fountain was created was at the very end of the video when the hashtag, #spreadthewater and a logo for the “Partnership for a Healthier America” popped up on the screen.  Just having the campaigns name “Drink Up” written on the button that turns the water off and on does not seem to be that effective.  

I realize part of the fun of the taking water fountain is the shock factor.  No one expects a typical water foundation in a park to begin talking to you, but I don’t think putting the hash tag or “Partnership for a Healthier America” logo on the base of the fountain would compromise the fun or surprise.  The video nor the article actually give the facts if the talking water foundation actually encouraged ore people to drink water.  I am all for a healthy lifestyle for everyone, but I belied the background as to why the water fountain speaks as you take a drink should be more clearly advertised.  


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3 thoughts on ““Are you a sipper or a gulper?”

  1. This commercial definitely grabs your attention. I got a good laugh out of the reactions of the talking water fountain. The message of the ad could be more clearly explained, but the commercial is so memorable that viewers may seek out the message on their own.


  2. I think I would be annoyed with a talking water fountain trying to get me to drink. I might even avoid it if I could, just because it’s weird, but I guess I can see the appeal for some people.

    The messages are supposed to show healthiness, but I think we all know the benefits and bodily needs of water. People will drink water when they need or want it. Nice gimmick for getting people to drink though!


  3. I love this idea! If making a simple thing, like drinking from a water fountain, fun and enjoyable more people are prone to use it. This idea is hilarious and I hope to see these talking fountains in Chicago soon.


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