Welcome to the Way You’ll Shop!

Have you ever watched a video and found yourself thinking, “Dang, I could totally rock that outfit this hipster is wearing?” Well, pretty soon there may be an easy and accessible method to purchase products that are featured in viral videos.

Earlier this year Alibaba Group, the largest online retail site in China, invested heavily in Youku Tudou. Youku Tudou is known as one of China’s leading online television companies. What’s interesting is what these two companies are planning to do with their newly found alliance. Word has it that they are trying to develop a technology that will identify products in live-stream videos, which consumers will then be able to purchase on Alibaba’s main website.


While we in North America won’t be able to make use of this new technology when it is available, the implications of it existing alone are incredibly exciting. Not only does it mark the introduction of a new method of advertising but it also could mean U.S. companies will follow suit and create similar partnerships. Amazon and YouTube are the first potential pairing that comes to mind. Now with any good thing there are bound to be a few cons. And if my quick and dirty summery has piqued your interest than I encourage you to buff up at the source: http://www.bidnessetc.com/business/alibaba-and-youku-introduce-innovative-advertising-approach/


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