Trader Joe’s {Fresh Produce and a Unique Brand Experience}

Superior products and competitive prices are often the first step a company takes while trying to steady their footing after emerging into the world of consumerism. But the Brand Experience they offer their customers is what takes them far beyond the realm of generic products and mediocre sales.

The Brand Experience is crucial to developing a personality for companies in addition to developing personalities for their products. This concept extends past what a company aims to sells and tries to create a memorable, enjoyable, one of a kind experience for their customers through advertising, customer service, social media, packaging, etc. It conveys to the customers how various products reflect them. If they like the way those products reflect them, customers are apt to be more loyal to those specific companies.

Trader Joe’s, for example, has an incredibly unified brand personality that powerfully attracts the demographic that it seeks to resonate with. Their recycled packaging and the quips on the back of their cereal boxes promote an idea that “Hey! We’re wholesome but we’re also carefree and quirky!” Simply put, cereal is cereal; even with their competitive prices and wholesome ingredients a box of cereal doesn’t seem too special. What makes it special is the woman in a Hawaiian shirt, willing to give you a free sample, prior to selling you this box of cereal, out of a store that could pass for a pop-up fruit stand in the south of Florida (see below). That IS a unique experience and it makes people feel that they are special for shopping there.

Trader Joe’s gives off this vibe in the way they handle customer service, how they clean up PR issues such as food recalls, the uniforms their employees are given to wear, their product packaging and their radio commercials to name a few. Below is a sound clip of one of Trader Joe’s recent radio commercials. Even from a 30 audio clip, consumers get a feel for what Trader Joe’s represents.

All of these incredibly well thought out, seemingly casual attributes of Trader Joe’s combine together to give consumers a feel for who they are buying from. They like what they see and are drawn to it because they feel they the stores reflects them or perhaps who they want to be-the consumer becomes the brand and the brand becomes the consumer.


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3 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s {Fresh Produce and a Unique Brand Experience}

  1. Trader Joes has really done a great job framing themselves as a healthy, affordable food provider. They have a great reputation and attract many different kinds of people.


  2. Did you know that Trader Joe’s is actually owned by Aldi? I always thought it was interesting that two very differently branded stores are actually the same company.


  3. I really think the customer-brand relationship is key for any company to survive, and I like what you said, that “cereal is cereal” and it’s the way the brand is represented that makes the experience enjoyable and special.


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