Rethink the Art Institute’s Unthink Project

The Art Institute is hosting an exhibit called Unthink Magritte. This showcases many of the different pieces a famous surrealist painter, Magritte has created. Everyone has seen the Unthink posters, sides of busses, and underground advertisements across the city. The Art Institute is trying to gain more visitors to their new exhibit by creating an intriguing and somewhat unknown theme. unthink


Throughout the city different advertisements force people to “unthink” their certain ideas about different things in their life. For example, Magritte’s famous painting featured above is repurposed with the tagline, “Unthink Selfies,” challenging readers to attend this exhibit for a refreshing idea of what art is. According to the Institute, “”Living in an age of mobile phones, in which we are so used to acquiring all sorts of information with great speed . . . has resulted in a loss of the ability to let a picture really take us into its own world…We surf the web and tap images on handheld devices.” 

The exhibit challenges people to rethink their ideas of regular objects and activities. Their idea of “Unthink” is actually an original and unique way to grab people’s attention. At first bystanders may not understand exactly what is being advertised but as they look closer the goal becomes clear: Check out this new exhibit at the Art Institute. I liked the creativity of combining a new way to look at life (regardless if you attend the exhibit or not) and what is legitimately present at the Institute. It appeals to both people who are familiar with Magritte’s work and those who are not. 

2 thoughts on “Rethink the Art Institute’s Unthink Project

  1. This is a fresh approach to advertising. I think this advertising campaign will catch the attention of a demographic that does not typically attend art exhibits.


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