Honey Maid Redefines Wholesome

Early in the year Cheerios hit the advertisement sweet spot when their Superbowl Ad subtly depicted a multiracial family. This spring, Honey Maid expanded on this idea and introduced its new ad campaign celebrating every kind of family. The “Wholesome Love” ad depicted multiracial families, same sex families, a single father and a punk rock family, all of which were the embodiment of the meaning of love.

The nearly 90-year-old graham cracker company’s branding was the celebration of “real-life stories” giving the audience a longer look at the families.

A spokesperson for Mondelez, the owner of Honey Maid, expanded on the idea of the ever changing contemporary society and the relevance with the ever changing and dynamic brand. “We at Honey Maid continue to evolve and expand our varieties to provide delicious, wholesome products so they can be a part of everyday moments of connection in a world with changing, evolving family dynamics.”

The advertising campaign transcends television, and asks fans to take to social media using the hashtag #ThisIsWholesome to share photos of their own wholesome families and to interact and connect with followers.

However, the #ThisIsWholesome gained a significant amount of traction from negative opinions on twitter. Honey Maid not only stuck to their original message, but also responded with a message that was even more powerful than any of the hate.

The “Wholesome Love” ad campaign went to places that no other televised campaign had dared to go. The controversy surrounding same sex families has become more relevant in the recent years because of the amending of same sex marriages in the United States. The ad also spent less time focusing on the actual product, and more time focusing on the feelings that we get when we spend time with people that we love. Wholesome and meaningful connections are becoming more rare in this day and age. The 90-year-old company has an established brand, but needed some new way to evolve.




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5 thoughts on “Honey Maid Redefines Wholesome

  1. What I think is great about campaigns and commercials such as this one, is that it gives brands another way to connect with consumers. It allows them to express their values and hopefully gain more customer loyalty as a result. It’s better than just telling a consumer to buy your product–you are giving them a reason because you have made them see value in your brand.


  2. I agree. Using a company’s positive values to help sell the company and their product is becoming much more common. Anyone remember the Cocoa Cola Superbowl commercial? What makes this tactic so effective is when the company stands by their message after receiving negative criticisms. It says that they are unwilling to compromise their ideals.


  3. I love this campaign. Honey Maid made a statement in its first ad and stuck with it.
    The second ad shows the thin line between advertising and public relations. Honey Maid easily could have called it quits after the first ad, but they chose to take the campaign a step further and send an important message. The second ad may have deterred some people from buying the product, but overall I think they will notice a much more loyal consumer.


  4. Already saw these commercials and campaigns before, but I still think it’s really really brilliant. A real smart plan to turn the negative messages into positive public relation image.That’s what a good campaign do: to connect consumers with the brand/product, from negative to positive.


  5. I feel establishing themselves as a brand that supports wholesome families of all kinds is just as important than advertising their products because here they create more of a brand experience which people are more likely to remember and then by their products as a result of their love for the company.


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