Fighting The TIdes

This blog post will evaluate and tell of the success and failures of Tide’s various ad commercials.


After watching the first Tide ad, you can see right away why this commercial was successful. First of all, our society is becoming more accustomed to the concept of a stay at home dad. This commercial directly addresses both the intent of the project, and the target market they are trying to acquire. The video begins by the dad saying, “I’m a stay at home dad”…this inspires the target audience of stay at home fathers to listen more closely. It also breaks gender stereotypes, by supporting the concept of stay at home dads. This ad was shared mainly via YoutTube, but it was also aired on regular television advertisement.

Because the first advertisement was so successful, Tide decided to make a second one. However, this commercial has a little different twist. Tide took a more direct approach to the sociocultural issue they were trying to tie into their advertisements. This attempt took the stay at home dad concept, and tried to expand on it which became somewhat offensive to their audience. The dad starts by saying, “Hi, I’m a Dad Mom”. Rather than supporting the idea of stay at home dads, this instead emphasizes gender separations; that men are masculine, and women are nurturing, and that there is no crossover. This is why the advertisement was pulled from the market. They may have had the right idea, but the second commercial contradicted some of the points in the first commercial . Shutting down this commercial was good idea because of potential hard feelings and disagreements that its viewers may have. Right off the bat, Tide received negative feedback in regard to the second advertisement. Therefore , it was most beneficial for them to discontinue the second commercial while continuing to run the first. That way, they were still able to expand on their new campaign, without receiving a negative feedback form the public.


Overall, Tide’s add campaign was successful despite their second commercial. The fact that they listened to their audience and responded accordingly, shows that they have a strong advertising base. However, this case study only showed partial success. This is because every organization must find a perfect balance between the demographic they are trying to attain, and the product they are trying to sell. When an advertisement incorporates both aspects, it is more likely to be successful than a campaign that does not.

So watch these commercials, and leave a comment explaining your thoughts on why it was a good or bad idea for Tide to take down their second ad. 

Tide Commerical#1:

Tide Commercial #2:

2 thoughts on “Fighting The TIdes

  1. Do you think targeting stay at home dads would alienate the larger percentage of stay at home moms who buy tide? Either way, I really enjoy how Tide is attempting to reach out to both sides of the spectrum. The idea of the ad and what it means is much more important than the ad itself. This is very important because sometimes ads are published that focus solely on their creativity and product, rather than a very important message. I would like to think that Tide is using its power as a large corporation to eradicate the stereotypes of a stay at home parent.


  2. This ad was shown in one of my marketing classes, and we had a lengthy discussion on how the original ad was offensive. Personally, I do not find the ad offensive at all. People who find it offensive have told me that it stereotypes men and women, and implies that there are gender roles that men and women should fulfill. I do not see it that way. I think that it merely plays off of the obvious stereotypes and notions of a mom and a dad that already exist. In our culture, a mother is more commonly thought of as soft and nurturing than a dad. A dad is more commonly thought of as the one who is supposed to provide for the family, and he is also commonly regarded ad being physically stronger than the mom. The Tide commercial did not create these stereotypes, it merely used humor (or attempted humor) to acknowledge that they exist. That is why (even though I do not think that the commercial is funny) I do not find it offensive.


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