Time to change your Snapchat privacy settings?

Snapchat has begun a venture into the world of advertising.  Snapchat introduced a new service titled “Snapchat Discovery” to companies in hopes that advertising on the app will bring more attention to their brand, even if it is just for a few seconds.  


Though it initially seems like a good idea, with Snapchat recently being evaluated to be worth $10 billion, advertisers will not be able to choose the audience for which their “snaps” will be sent. For example, an ad for a new eye shadow for Cover Girl could be sent to a sixteen year old boy, who would have little to no interest in anything Cover girl related. Also, companies that fall in to luxury brands should be aware before deciding to advertise with Snapchat that their advertisements would be included alongside ads for Doritos or Taco Bell.



“Snapchat is reportedly making the rounds with brands and agencies. In its pitch deck, Snapchat boldy declares to marketers, “Now it’s your turn,” and goes on to advise, “We recommend experimentation.””


Companies such as MTV, “Girls” on HBO, the New Orleans Saints, and McDonalds have already jumped on the “Snapchat Discovery” bandwagon.


Klienberg, A. (2014, August 22). Thinking About Snapchat? Snap Out of It | Agency News: Viewpoint – Advertising Age. Retrieved September 2, 2014, from http://adage.com/article/agency-viewpoint/thinking-snapchat-snap/294667/ 


5 thoughts on “Time to change your Snapchat privacy settings?

  1. I think overall this is a very effective advertising technique. Snapchat is an app used by many people of all ages, and receiving snaps from your favorite fast food chain or television station gets a person interested in the certain product or idea they are trying to sell. Companies make very interesting, funny, and in some cases (like Taco Bell) delicious looking snaps to entice people–and it works!


  2. I feel like with the inclusion of ads into Snapchat this opens the door to a future update which requires you to simply buy the app in order to avoid ads. I generally don’t spend money on apps so they would probably lose my use and quite possibly many others who feel similarly. Snapchat is already annoying in excess so can you imagine having to sit through ten second ads for things you don’t care about?


  3. Although I do agree that this is a smart marketing move for companies, all I can think about is what will happen in the future with this app when people want to skip the ads. There are ads all over social media and 9/10 times people will do whatever they can to skip over ads no matter how inciting the ad may be. Eventually I think this will only cause problems for the app as they will have to revamp how they get downloaders due to the increasing annoyance of the constant ads.


  4. The post does bring up and interesting subject: will brands that are considered to have more sophisticated reputations want to be advertised alongside McDonalds or Taco Bell? While this could be an effective method of advertising “lesser” brands, I don’t believe it will translate well to others.


  5. This is interesting because I recently removed my SnapChat app from my cell phone. I feel like most apps go through this phase now: initially they are original and don’t rely on advertisements then eventually they start to sell out and begin to use their customer’s information to draw in other companies to start advertising to the app users. Longterm wise I can’t decide if this will be a smart decision or a poor decision… I’m leaning towards a poor decision.


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