Selling the good old days

Remember this video? Dr. Yoo showed it to us on the first class of this semester. I remember that we were talking about “best selling point” during that class. So, what is the best selling point of this pitch?

Since it’s a TV show, a fiction, it’s hard to tell if this pitch would really work on consumers. However, by seeing the large number of views and the comments of this clip on YouTube, we can tell that it has great effect:



The best selling point here is “Nostalgia”. Although it is a bad thing if you are immersed in the past too much, memories can still provide us with a lot of strength. It includes the people and the things we love, and built who we are today. We encouraged by the good part of it, and then we also learn from the bad part of it. And because nostalgia has such a huge emotion impact, it has always been one of most common and effective factors to use in advertising. And here are the examples of some great branding works which all use nostalgia wisely to promote their products.

This is Bud Light’s 2014 Super Bowl commercial, and up to now it got more than 18 million views. There are many reasons why this commercial is so successful: it has great suspense, big scenes, looking real and very fun. At it even includes some bizarre moments, like the sheep. All of these things are great elements to catch eye balls. However, the climax of this video, the big surprise, is the ping-pang match with Schwarzenegger. Playing with him is play with the childhood hero! Who wouldn’t want to do that! The whole thing is like a childhood fantasy coming true. And the hilarious hair style and costume Schwarzenegger wears makes him even more likeable.

As to the way of using nostalgia, this commercial uses a similar concept. Who is Morpheus? What is Matrix? I doubt anyone here in USA doesn’t know the answer. This commercial uses a very beloved character and one of the most classic scenes from one of the most influential films in the history. It’s so amusing watching Morpheus singing opera, and the video show the scene in such a comical way. No wonder it’s a hit.

While some brands use nostalgia elements to promote their products, some brands themselves are the nostalgia elements. The Fanwagen campaign was a huge success, attracted tens of thousands of new fans and created a lot of buzz on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other major advertising, automobile, and design sites.

NOKIA used to be at the very top of the mobile phone “food chain”. But it loses its position in today’s smart phone battle while Apple and Samsung are rising to the top. However, Nokia has been doing a very good job in creating its own strength and distinguish itself from other competitions, which is its camera function. This commercial makes a soft and very engaging approach to the audience by connecting the history of photography and today’s people’s real life.





One thought on “Selling the good old days

  1. I like the idea of nostalgia and think more companies should remember this key element when it comes to advertising. I also like the way the show mad men portrays the importance of it. It’s very informative to someone who may be new to the advertising world


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