Poo-Pourri makes your poop smell good: blunt but effective

This video is one of most successful ads in 2013. So far it has more 27 million views and more than 10 thousand comments on YouTube.

Instead of using a subtle way to promote its product, which is sometimes more applauded in advertising, this video tells you bluntly to buy its product: I’m so good and so effective, buy me, buy me, buy me!

However, behind the blunt or even shameless way of selling, this video actually contains a very smart strategy which is especially effective in this social media era.


Everyone needs to poop. It’s not a strange thing. However, imagine bumping into mesmerizing model-like girl in the toilet when she just finishes her business and you can even smell the strong scent, I think this would probably ruin some part of beautiful impression of her. Based on this awkwardness, Poo-Pourri shoots a video telling you that they can make your poop smell good!

They have a beautiful young woman who has very elegant look and a strong British accent sitting on a toilet, telling you “you wouldn’t believe what I just dumped!” Nothing is worth than pooping outside your own home: office, party, especially your boyfriend’s place! Even if you flush it three times, it still has mark. Most people go for the fragment which is too strong that it only makes it more obvious. What you want is to make the smell completely gone and people don’t even know you just did it! But how? Poo-Pourri has the answer. They can even save your relationship! And then they start to tell how works: (the animation in this part is really cute!)


Besides telling the function, they also tell you that they have already sold 4 million bottles and got one thousand 4.8 star on Amazon, the score is even higher than IPhone 5! And then they also guarantee “unconditional stink-free full refund”. Look the funny words they use!

See, despite the blunt selling, this video is actually extremely entertaining, and that’s the key reason why it is so popular. The video create extreme contrast from the beginning to the end: beauty and poop, elegant and quirky, professional and hilarious. It is so entertaining that even we don’t buy the product, we accept the concept and we want to share the video.

And then, if you go to their website, more shamelessness comes up! See the sold number! And there are 8 big “order now” signs on the front page. Talking about “call to action”!



And even their apology letter is very cute and funny.


So, the lesson here is:

Want to sell your product? Use everything you got to entertain!




One thought on “Poo-Pourri makes your poop smell good: blunt but effective

  1. I think the approach to this advertisement is excellent. They get right to the point and appeal to their audience with humor and factual information. A more conservative audience might be offended by the bluntness in this ad, but I think it was definitely worth the risk. It might be hard for this company to top this ad in the future, but if they use a good strategy or even take a different approach I’m sure they will be just as successful.


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