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My final blog post will be completely reflective. We are all currently Masters student in the Communications department and we all have a clear cut purpose to thrive in the field of digital media and storytelling. This Audience and Distribution course has taught us a lot about creating relevant content and making it meaningful to attract and keep an audience. Dr. Yoo has done a really good job of making sure our concepts have structure and are engaging. All of us have different goals as it pertains to our career. The good thing about this course is it allows us all to use this information directly to make an impact on our work. For instance, the SPSS assignment with Facebook was brilliant to help us collect data and analyze it as it relates to social media. We can start to analyze our own data and see what works best for our specific method of story telling. Another interesting thing that we learned this semester was brand journalism. I love this term because I have a new found liking for branding and I love to write. It is the practice of creating a brand based off of the story behind the method. This was a great transition into mind mapping. Mind mapping is something that I have never heard of before but it is a figurative of brainstorming. At times when I brainstorm certain project the seem very intriguing but if I keep going like Dr. Yoo says we should do, I may come out with something innovative and mind-blowing. Lastly I want to speak to the interesting techniques we learned in storytelling when it comes to marketing. My favorite concept is the tension/ tension reduction concept. This technique is great because it teaches you to build up a story to come to a closing that leaves people thinking. This is a technique that I can see myself using a lot. I like the concept of having people walk away from my story with a thought that is directly connected to them. I always want people to have a take-away when they view any of my work.
This has been a very great class and we are able to now move on and use the information that Dr. Yoo has instilled in us. We can use digital storytelling not only as a craft but as a movement. It is not often that we hear people call themselves, “Digital Storytellers.” We will be the next innovative group to get out and use these tactics to create meaningful content. No reference needed for this blog. We are our own reference now!

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