Can You Write a Story in Six Words?

Wether digital technology enhances or diminishes our overall quality of word communication depends largely on the way how is considering. While digital technology may have diminished our consumption of printed books or long articles, on balance, digital technology is bring us more new possibilities to improve our communication.

Every day, people have been exposed more and more under ocean of information.  We are receiving messages and calls on our cell phones; refreshening feeds on our social media with our portable devices, getting news information from TV and Internet. Even when we are walking on the street, we are scanning the poster and outdoor ads. There is no surprise to find out that people tend to have less and less patient to spend time on reading or interpreting information. Therefore, authors are always trying their best to deliver the message they want to say concisely to the content consumer. Tweeter, limits tweet length to 140 characters, became one of the leaders in contemporary culture who changes the way how people communicate to each other. Not many of us would think about the length of messages we posted on social media like Facebook, as long as we completed our stories. However, every word counts on Tweeter, which forced us to consider how to fully use 140 words to deliver the message we want to spread. Thus, we started to try to use short paragraph or couple sentences to summarize our information on Tweeter. People can go through dozens of tweets in a few minutes easily, but there still are tones of information waiting to be consumed.

Is there any chance to make our story even shorter? Recently, a storytelling type that limits author to tell a story in six words has become a heat on the Internet. Believe it or not, six words, which is as long as a book title, can convey a complete story. Here I’ll show you some popular six-word stories on the Internet:

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Short story has become popular since 1920. Yes, I didn’t type wrong. It’s 1920! In 1920, Ernest Hemingway’s was challenged by his friend in a bar who asked him to write a story in six words.  Therefore, now we have a famous story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” . Hemingway considered that it was the best story he had written. However, at that thine the reader thought this sad story was a small ad.

Ok, now it’s your term to try to write a six-word story and post it in the comment.

Good Luck!


-Six-word stories, Washington Post

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