Mac Person VS. PC Person


This blog has so many fans of Apple. On top of that, there has been many postings about the new products Apple is producing. Yet, there are significant differences regarding Macs and PCs. The debate over Macs and PCs has been an ongoing argument since the Stone Ages or when I have been in high school. My classmates discussed which laptop is better, cooler, faster, and the overall best. Interestingly enough, in 2006 the company Apple, which owns Macintosh or Mac laptops, has been showcasing television advertisements that indicate two men who personify themselves as either a Mac or a PC. This assertion alone says something very salient about the culture in which people are living in. It suggests human beings adopting a category of being a Mac or a PC.

Moreover, the competition between whether consumers should purchase a Mac or a PC has been ignited with not only face to face conversations between computer lovers, but more importantly in television commercials by Apple. The television commercials depict an actor named Justin Long who plays the character of the Mac. Justin is seen in the commercials as the younger, cooler, hoodie and t-shirt wearing Mac that appears to be more relaxed and wittier in his comebacks against the PC. By the same token, another actor named John Hodgman plays the role of the PC. The PC is dressed in a suit and tie with thick glasses, he also appears much older than the Mac, and his comments against the Mac seem to be very juvenile and substandard. In the commercial, both Hodgman’s and Long’s characters are seen debating about the capabilities of a Mac and a PC. The Mac would say to the PC that it has the ability of doing a lot for its prospective consumers. Whereas the PC would response by saying that it is better than the Mac because, it just is simply better than the Mac. Throughout the duration of the commercial the viewer notes the ongoing debate between both computers. Clearly, the Mac wins every single debate against the PC.

More or less, the primary objective of the Apple commercials was to indicate the privilege of labeling oneself as a Mac instead of a PC. Clint Pumphrey’s article titled, 10 Differences Between Macs and PCs states, “Apple has worked very hard to craft a fun and hip image for its line of Mac computers, while simultaneously portraying PCs as dull and nerdy”.

In April of 2011, a website called Hunch showcased the results of a survey that asked computer users if they identified themselves as a Mac or a PC person. Also, it asked users some questions regarding some self-identifying factors. As an example, Hunch asked participants if they preferred to live in the city or live in a suburban town. The study indicated that “52% of Mac people live in the city” and “PC people are 18% more likely to live in the suburbs”.

As indicated in the Apple commercials as well as Hunch, Mac users seem to be more liberal in their lives, whereas PC users seem to be more conservative in their lives. These findings are stereotypical to the demographics that are found with Mac and PC users. It is possible that Mac users are adopting lifestyles that they think is appropriate for an owner of a Mac computer. The same can be said about PC users as well. As Hunch indicates, Mac users are seemingly opposite in many lifestyle decisions in comparison to PC users and vice versa.

When it is all said and done, the debate still lingers regarding which computer is the best to purchase. Although, this debate may never have a grand finale, it still begs the bigger question of ‘Do people accommodate their lives to the commodities that they purchase?” Overall, since I am in the market of purchasing a new tablet or laptop, I am trying to ascertain if I am shopping for a laptop, or if I am shopping for a lifestyle that I have been socialized to believe is attainable by the advertisements I’ve seen.

Pumphrey, Clint. “10 Differences Between Macs and PCs” 08 August 2011.

2 thoughts on “Mac Person VS. PC Person

  1. Well I was PC user before really being introduced Apple. I have to say I was intimidated by Apple at first. The transition from PC to Apple was difficult and took some getting use to. It wasnt as user friendly as it claimed. But now i own 2 Apple computers. I love it!


  2. This is such a great point. I remember when I first started photography in my early college years and I had to take a course intro to Macintosh. The school used Macs and I had to adjust. Then asking professionals, they all suggested macs. Every where I have been I have been told I need a Mac for photo and video, when you actually don’t. A PC does the same stuff that a Mac can do, but I will argue that the Mac takes the junk and keeps it out of the way so you don’t have to filter through it. I am a Mac person, but I have an android phone. I think I will always have a Mac computer, but not so sure about the iPhone.

    Good luck in your new investment.


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