What Does It Stand For

We have all looked at companies, their logos, and how they brand their products. Crafty designs, elegant script, sleek graphics. But what do they mean. I have literally been staring at the Sony VAIO logo, because my friend owns that computer, wondering what it is. A few years ago I looked up the logo to understand the name of the product, but I never looked into what it meant. Since I just saw that logo again I asked if there was a deeper meaning to the name, so I asked the Google gods.


Well the first boring response that came up was VAIO stands for Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer. As great as that answer was the Google gods did not sedate my curiosity. Upon clicking numerous webpages I came to an answer that actually gave significance to the name! a little background on the logo: VA is a squiggly line with a dot (where you normally put a line to make an “A”) for the “A”. The “I” looks like a backward number 1 and the “O” looks like an “O”. So the “VA” stands for analog. The squiggly line represents the sine wave which is apparently in analog. I attempted to look at the math to determine how is worked, but alas I could not decode how sine fit in with analog. Therefore, I went to a forum and I hope the below answer helps. It was utilized to control the frequency on higher end analog products. Now for the backwards 1, this actually turned out to be a 1. The “O” became a zero. Ones and zeroes represent binary code. This is the script that runs the DOS system on computers in order to make them function properly and create what you view on the screen. We see the ones and zeroes as the alphabet because there are numbers programmed to each letter and symbol. The entire logo shows the progression technology has come thus far. From the analog system which was first utilized when technology first came out through the advancement to the digital age. Some logos may not go into that much detail, but the background of how logos and names of products came about in order to be marketed to the mass majority of people is significant. Marketing professionals brainstorm in order to come up with the best name for a product, most with a meaning behind them, to get you to buy their product.     are there sine waves in analog synths?. (2007, August 7). . Retrieved July 22, 2014, from https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=141491 Engineering Beyond GPA. (n.d.). What does VAIO stand for & what does the logo mean ? ~. Retrieved July 22, 2014, from http://engineeringbeyondgpa.blogspot.com/2012/12/what-does-vaio-stand-for-what-does-logo.html

3 thoughts on “What Does It Stand For

  1. VAIO’s name was the hardest for me to read on laptops. Yet their scheme seemed to work because it kept me staring at it trying to figure out why the hell it looks the way it does. This makes me want to take a closer look at one of our book suggestions from the beginning of class: Marketing Metaphors, what deep metaphors mean in the minds of consumers.


  2. I think VAIO has always been an interesting name. I owned a VAIO in the past but I never gave too much thought about the name. Therefore, it is interesting to see the thought process of putting the name together. Yet, I do know that VAIO was very popular with many PC enthusiasts. Possibly the name ‘VAIO’ has a lot to do with it. Essentially, consumers will be more gravitated towards a product with a cool name such as VAIO.


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