The Shift of The Music Industry

Who is your favorite artist at the moment? Where did you first hear them? Radio, Word of Mouth or the Internet? Many if not all of us will probably say the internet. The internet has shifted almost every industry as we know it but it has greatly impacted the music industry.  Many artists use the internet to promote their music because now it is a whole new way to reach fans.

For instance when Beyoncé came in and slayed the game with her album out of nowhere she used the Instagram (internet social networking app) to drop the album.



A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on


Does anyone remember this? I know I do it was the day my life ( and the music industry) changed forever.

This is the new age of music; I am not sure how many people can actually pull this stunt but Beyonce was able to do with out a hitch. Aside from her greatness many artists use the internet as an amazing platform. They are able to promote and release free music. It is almost they have too; it is just a new era.

Many new artists are able to break with sites like Soundcloud, youtube and other music sites. Now before many artist even get signed labels already expect them to have already developed a following.  After developing a following though many artists decide that it would be in their best interest to be an indie artists. One of the most successful indie artists to ever touch down in the game is Macklemore. Macklemore was able to do all the grunt work by pushing his music on the internet alone and this year he won 7 grammys (not saying he deserved all of them but simply using him as an example).

It is almost as if artists do not use or need a major label.  They have to develop a fan base and push the culture the way they know how which honestly helps them personify their music. I think that this is a win win situation for all artists. They are able to put out music that they want to and reach the base that they want too. I believe that this might not be great situation for record labels but they need to get strictly on the distribution side of music. Many artist who are on major labels can not even put out music when they want to. They have to wait to for support from the label to push an album; they own the music and the label might not even understand their vision.  This is why you have you so many mixtapes and EPS because the internet fans are hungry and not patiently waiting for more and labels just do not understand that.


Artists need thats space to creatively express themselves through their art form.



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4 thoughts on “The Shift of The Music Industry

  1. This provokes an interesting thought Nia. I wonder if the major label companies are threatened of social media especially if artists exhibit signs of wanting to control a personal fan base themselves. I don’t know the goings on with how music is popularized through radio and mediums like MTV, but I can imagine that social media is a curve ball that adds a bit of headache in that through social media fans now have more of a mind and a voice of their own.


  2. What Beyonce did was CRAZY!!! I still cannot believe that happened. I’m surprised it didn’t get leaked at all. I also wonder how many artists will copy her, and fail. While social media is a powerful tool, it can also backfire if you don’t use it correctly. Beyonce executed it flawlessly (no pun intended), but I can foresee social media hurting many artists as well.


  3. I wish there were a bunch of Beyoncé songs linked onto this page. But what she did was revolutionary for he music industry especially utilizing a social media site to drop her album. Normally there are so many other ways but this was a great move for her and we’ll executed. I think it’s going to be more difficult for future artists with a smaller following if this becomes they way, which will keep the music industry in business


  4. Obviously the music industry has not been the same since the internet. But what Beyoncé and her team pulled off was something that left the music industry shaken up. However, Beyoncé already has the fanbase that will purchase her album unlike many other artists. The main reason is because she has been in the music industry in the days when people still bought albums. The artists that signed record deals after the plethora of stealing music from the internet as well as consuming music through the internet will not experience the same level of success as Beyoncé. They don’t have the same number of fans that are willing to purchase their music because unfortunately for them, they arrived at a time where fans were used to not purchasing albums.


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