Oh..Yet Another Selfie 

Hello Digital Mavens! As most of you know the word “Selfie” was chosen as the Oxford word last year. This word is used to refer to how someone will take a photo of themselves in a funny, creative way while holding it in their hand. This act is very popular on Instagram and all the other social media site where you can post the pictures of these selfies and to share them with the world. Even the President and other important people  have been caught taking selfies. Its amazing how many people are in the selfie craze!

blog post assigmentIn recent news last year one selfie was taken by a young girl. “On June 20, a newly minted high school graduate from eastern Alabama walked into the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, paused in front of a barracks … and took a picture of herself.” (Dewey 1)  This self that she took went viral and everyone was mad at her for taking a smiling selfie of herself on hollow ground.

Everyone is so quick to take a photo without actually thinking twice about it, and this example above is one for the books. I hope people are more cautious while taking this random photos. “Self captured images allow young adults and teens to express their mood states and share important experiences,” the clinical psychologist Andrea Letamendi told Time last September. In other words — to paraphrase Jennifer Outllette, who recently published a book on “the science of self” — selfies aren’t merely a “look-at-me!” attention-grab. They’re an attempt to place oneself in a context, to understand how we fit into a bigger picture.” (Dewey 1)

The-worst-selfies-via-RealClear.com_Overall yet taking selfies my be the highlight of you and everyone else’s day, from the most retweeted selfie/photo in history to the more passionate photos. In today’s society it is most definitely that we all love to document our live though the camera. But in all, digital mavens think twice before taking and posting that selfie.




Dewey, Caitlin. “The other side of the infamous “Auschwitz selfie”, The Huffington Post. 7 July. 2014.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2014/07/22/the-other-side-of-the-infamous-auschwitz-selfie/

One thought on “Oh..Yet Another Selfie 

  1. Can we really expect better from our high schoolers, when huge monopolies like Walmart, Sears, and even Amazon are making money of off concentration camp swag? These three companies had to issue a public apology, after removing a third party poster featuring an imaged of the front gate of the Nazi, Dachau concentration camp. The gate shows an inscription that reads ‘“Arbeit Macht Frei” — “Work will make you free.”


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