Fashion Bloggers vs. Fashion Journalists

There is a thin line between fashion journalists and fashion bloggers and I often ask myself which line do  I stand in? Bloggers have come to the center of every industry including technology, food and even health.  They seem to have a distinct message, push a different culture and reach a different audience but journalists eh they run the world. As I studied abroad in Santiago, Chile I realized that journalists are expected to expose what is going on the world. Journalists are EXPECTED to tell the truth and bloggers are expected to have an opinion.

Social media plays a major role in the blogger craze because all you need is a hostage to connect with the rest of the world in whatever industry you are apart of.

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Instagram -Today                                                     Twitter – #techblogger                                                   Twitter- #fashionblogger


Bloggers connect faster through social media through journalists because they tend to post more.


Fashion Bloggers ( in my opinion) reach the pulse of the culture more because they are apart of it. The idea of blogging is not to report but to keep  the culture. Fashion Bloggers have become extremely affluent and even start  to see in some front rows at many fashion weeks. If you know your fashion you know attending any show during fashion week is amazing and everyone does not get to do it ; ( I will one day).




But now bloggers can; the fashion world is changing as we know it. Many people are asking where does your loyalty lie? Bloggers or Journalists?




As a fashion lover I could never choose; I love both fields. I respect both there are many fashion bloggers and journalists who bring different things to the fashion table. I believe that magazines deserve journalists and online content deserve the bloggers. Bloggers create a buzz that stick  out in your mind where as journalists research a story that take time, skill and effort. I also believe that great fashion bloggers deserve a seat at the fashion round table with people like Anna Wintour; Leon Van Talley, Rachel Zoe and many other fashion legends.


There was a poll taken on Huffington Post about this exact issue and many people weighed in on it.Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.30.51 PM


Clearly no one wants bloggers to flourish in the journalism world; but we can not deny their ever pushing culture.  I guess that is why they have different name and we go to them for different reasons?




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Are fashion bloggers real journalists?

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Bloggers vs. Fashion Journalists

  1. As you underline, bloggers and journalists have two very different mission that need to be clearly separated for the audience’s sack. Also journalists can express their opinion but when they do that it should be always made clear for the audience (in the Opinion page of a newspaper or in a short window during a TV news show), but as you noticed, they should always tell the Truth. Given the need of having these two figures separated, also the different terminology can help.


  2. I think this is very true. Bloggers are given more of a pass than journalists. I myself like to blog and just provide my opinion but I also have had Journalis, courses so I definitely know the difference. In fact vs. opinion. Journalist need support where bloggers can say what they want. This is why so many journalists are now having an issue with bloggers because they can be more powerful with less work (research).


  3. This is interesting because the fine line thing is so true. I have a blog and work in the blogging world and want my blog to take off (you can make some SERIOUS bucks blogging!) but I’m also in this digital media course, with background in journalism from undergrad. Do I combine my skills to become a blogger or a journalist?Also, I wonder if any bloggers have made the jump to a professional career in journalism or vice versa? The line is so thin that I can see why it’s such a hot issue. All I know is everyone needs to make a blog, because there are some SERIOUS perks with partnerships and sponsored posts!


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