Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog

How do you celebrate a hedgehog’s birthday?
By baking teeny tiny cakes, using teeny tiny bake ware and inviting his teeny tiny friends who shower their friend with teeny tiny gifts!

A video of the cutest tiny birthday party is getting lots of attention on the internet with 1,249,260 views on YouTube in less than 10 days.

The creators of this video, Joel Jensen, Joe Matsushima, and Amy Matsushima founded four years ago the Denizen Company, a Los Angeles-based social media marketing agency, and vowed to specialize in creative storytelling to launch their brand.
Surfing on the hype of cute puppies’ videos on the Internet and knowing that people love tiny things they started Hello Denizen, a branch of the Denizen Company, to capitalize on this trend. Hello Denizen has become well known online for their adorable videos featuring all things tiny.

Their first video starring a tiny hamster swept the YouTube audience off its feet and had gone viral with over 8 million views, 420k Facebook likes, appearances on the Reddit & YouTube front-pages, and features on Good Morning America, Bloomberg, Today, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Gawker, Gizmodo, Mashable, Yahoo, NPR, Time, LA Times, Huffinton Post, Fast Company, Laughing Squid…

Party on, fur balls; this is never going to get old! And if you have ideas for Hello Denizen’s next tiny big hit, they would love to produce them! The company is asking its followers for suggestions in the YouTube comments and on social media, using the tag #tinyideas.


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2 thoughts on “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog

  1. This is hilarious! It’s funny how animal videos can go viral nearly overnight. It seems to almost be a trend. Cat videos, cute fluffy dogs, puppies playing with doorstoppers, it seems like anywhere an animal can fit into a video, people take advantage of it. It’s also interesting that you say to share ideas using #tinyideas. Hashtags are a great way to get people from all over the world contributing to one main dialogue.


  2. These videos are too cute! This is a great way for storytellers to see that in less than 2 minutes a great story can be told. It doesn’t have to be anything mind blowing or life changing, it can be about making little food for little animals. This trend is definitely going to catch a lot more attention as time progresses. The Denizen Company is doing a great job at these videos and I hope they continue telling more little stories.


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