Brand Journalism

After hearing this new trending term in class, I decided to look it up. Dr. Yoo was right! It is definitely on trend and many businesses are looking more into how to make brand journalism work for their company. So I looked on a host of sites to get a clear definition of what brand journalism really is. It is new in the world of marketing, but it indeed exists. 

According to an article in Forbes, “What is Next for Content Marketing”, Daniel Newman writes in summation that this new content marketing is still in its infancy. Newman interviewed Michael Brenner who is a world class marketing executive, Newman gained a lot of insight from the article that led him to make this statement…

“The content that most deeply connects us to a brand is rarely the content with the greatest utility. While we must certainly consider what consumers need to know about our products and services, it will be the way we create an emotional response that drives the human purchasing experience.”

So from this I gathered that brand journalism is all about storytelling. Hubspot agrees with facts made in the Forbes article that now companies will have production teams and journalists everywhere. Hubspot says that media and marketing are converging as brands are developing more publishing operations. Hubspot on the notion of storytelling says that storytelling is a powerful way to connect with customers and that the key to gaining the trust of your audience is to produce material that is credible and honest. I could not agree more. 

As a consumer, I am thinking that isn’t storytelling the big idea that brands focus on? After all it is the story behind the product that compels us to buy; outside of things like brand loyalty from generational usage etc. says that brand journalism gives companies a way to tell their stories across multiple platforms and media. And that Brand journalism is all about providing the content that the audience is already looking for. Pretty interesting perspective. Much like I already thought. From reading these articles it is apparent that companies are “really” going to start focusing on the story.

I think that in the Forbes article, Michael Brenner said it best, he says that for companies to be successful at brand journalism and content marketing, having the obsession of what the consumer/customer wants is a must. This will require brands to take themselves out of the story and make the customer the hero. The brands that focus on this will turn content from a cost to an asset within their business that produces a return on investment. I think from this statement I understand why brand journalism is trending. The story and the consumer being the hero will bring better profit and increase purchasing power. 

I had no idea that storytelling could be this profoundly useful!!!



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5 thoughts on “Brand Journalism

  1. This is so interesting because this is the space that I work in! I work for a blogger network where we have “Influencers” post on behalf of a brand. It makes the content genuine and real, and allows the consumer to become the voice of the brand, rather than the brand being the “Wizard of Oz” type of brand, something that seems far away and unobtainable. When a consumer is speaking for you, it becomes more trusted and authentic. Think about it, when you’re scrolling through Facebook and a random ad pops up, it’s a little annoying. But if you’re favorite blogger is talking about a brand, it’s more appealing because you CHOSE to follow that blogger, versus getting served an ad on a website. I’m hoping to ramp up my blog so I can do some content marketing for brands myself!


  2. I find it fascinating that with brand journalism, marketers are working like journalists. Marketers are using more research with this up and coming field and I think it’s going to be a tool that will be ubiquitous in many companies. Marketing has somewhat been about research but now research is becoming so significant to the marketing world. With research comes a story, and brand journalism does just that. It is important to have stories with certain brands because it can make consumers feel like they want to know more about a company. Brand journalism can give more life to a company just by providing a story.


  3. Storytelling tends to engage more people than it would than a regular ad. Remember the Audi campaign on the heist of its newest car; people were actually trying to look of the car that was allegedly stolen. Brand journalism is way more effective than we know and most times we do not even notice is happening.


  4. I was really interested in Brand journalism when he mentioned this. I decided to learn more about it too. I think this way of marketing is Super smart and effective. It makes things real and creates a stronger connection to the brand and the customer.


  5. I like your post and I see your point. However, after hearing this definition in class I thought that “brand journalism” is a contradiction in terms or at least not a job for unemployment or in seek of occupation journalists. Marketing is about selling an idea, a dream that does not have to be adherent with reality. You can sell a beautiful lie and be a great marketer. Journalism is about the truth or at least this principle should guide every day a journalist.


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