This is not about Posh Spice from the Spice Girls… Granted it should be because her 15 son Brooklyn just got an internship with SKA Films.. Jealous.


However, Craigslist has a secret site called the “Bloomberg Terminal” for rich people! Just pay $20,000 per year and you have yourself a new site to look at to purchase items… It’s insane – but marvelous at the same time. Being part of the super rich elite, buying and selling items for astronomical amounts. Crazy you can buy a castle!



Craigslist was a free site that started a little over a decade ago. It has sections devoted to housing, employment, items to purchase or sell, events and more. But it was just found out that Craigslist has a site specifically for traders call the “Bloomberg Tunnel”  also known as POSH. What an appropriate name. There are many things the super rich have that the common person will never have access too. But a website? It’s not like anyone would be able to afford the items listed with that price tags to even have access to the site for a year. Granted they have privacy concerns and it’s more feasible to sell to someone that they already know can afford the items they are behind contacted for.


This isn’t anything new to people. We have watched MTV Cribs, Life of the Super Rich, The Mega-Rich and other shows depicting life’s normal people could only dream of living. The Internet and companies have found another way to profit while feeling secure.

One thought on “POSH

  1. wow.. That’s crazy! But I don’t get the idea behind this website.. If you own a castle, a boat or a Lamborghini, you also can afford the service of people selling them for you.. Craigslist is for people who don’t want / can’t afford intermediaries and prefer dealing directly with each other with all the risks that it brings. Why would you want to go through that hassle if you can afford to avoid it?


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