Everyday is a Story: A Wearable Camera

In the changing modern society, people are exposed to thousands of all kinds of information everyday. It is very common that sometimes people cannot even remember what food they ate at noon. Have you ever had a hard time to recall what did you do in a day? Have you ever thought about that every day in your life could become an interesting story? If your answer is yes, you may wonder that how can you able to record and edit your life, and save it as your memory? There must be someone asking the same question just like what you did. Thus, a special wearable camera has been introduced to our life to finish this “ impossible mission”.


In order to capture every moment of your life, this wearable camera takes one photo every 30 seconds. Then the camera will store photos chronologically and turn them into a video for you to review.

This wearable camera has been in the market for a while. Here I’m going to show you the product features:  its measurements are 36 × 36 × 9mm, 20 grams in weight. It equips with a 5 million pixel CMOS, GPS, Accelerometer, as well as a Digital compass. Moreover, I also has a 8GB built-in storage and a micro USB port covered with a rubber cap. Users can use the metal clip on the back of the camera to fasten the camera on their clothes.



The camera can take 2560 x 1920 resolution JPEG images in every 30 seconds, which can cover the scene ranges from about 30cm to infinity with a fixed focus lens. And the company is also going to launch a fisheye lens accessory for the camera in this year, which will enable the camera to record a wider scene in the photo.


The camera has a good battery life. It can cover a 2-day recording under the fully charged condition. There are 4 white LED lights on the side: double click on it to turn on and it will show you the battery condition. If you turn the camera upside down, or put it into a dark pocket, it will switch to a standby mode.

After a one day recording, you can send all the data on the camera to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. It is surprisingly to find out that the data you send from the camera is no longer a group of photos, it is a vivid video story of the day.


Users can download apps on their mobile devices to manage and review their video stories, or add location tag to their videos.

The camera producer claimed that they were going to add more artificial intelligence elements to this camera. When users connect their cameras with the cloud, their video stories will be automatically stored and saved by the system. Therefore, users no need to worry about transport their data everyday. And they can use personal account to login the cloud system. Then users are allowed to watch their videos everywhere and share them with their friends.


Even though the camera records the same thing that we have experienced everyday, it provides us a completely different angle to observe our world. Some people may ask: “ Is my life interesting enough to be a story and worth recording?” Just imagine that when we go through the video of the year, those fading moments will become a special story of our memory.



3 thoughts on “Everyday is a Story: A Wearable Camera

  1. I heard about this a few months ago, and I am not sure I will embrace the concept. I’m usually very tech friendly and love to test all the new things, having fun with them and see how they fit into our lives and transform it; but I feel that this particular concept is taking it a notch too far. Wearing a GoPro to record cool / extraordinary activities is awesome, but why wearing a camera to record every tiny detail of one’s ordinary / boring day? I just don’t see the point…


  2. Interesting gadget. It seems this generation is obsessed with recording our lives and sharing it with the world. I do wonder how durable this camera is and how good the recorded work is.


  3. The presence of wearable camera on someone is an image I have seen for the first time in my life more that 20 years ago. This instrument is almost always wore by the main character of “Until the end of the world”, a movie realized in 1991 by the German filmmaker Wim Wenders. So, if you are attracted by this idea, watch the movie!


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