This is not about Posh Spice from the Spice Girls… Granted it should be because her 15 son Brooklyn just got an internship with SKA Films.. Jealous.


However, Craigslist has a secret site called the “Bloomberg Terminal” for rich people! Just pay $20,000 per year and you have yourself a new site to look at to purchase items… It’s insane – but marvelous at the same time. Being part of the super rich elite, buying and selling items for astronomical amounts. Crazy you can buy a castle!



Craigslist is a free site that began over a decade ago. The website has sections devoted to housing, employment opportunities, purchasing or selling items, event and more. Everyone is able to go on the site and scroll through everything there is that people have to offer. Or not. It just recently came out, maybe 7 hours ago, that Craigslist has a secret site. This secret site as you read above is called the “Bloomberg Terminal”, also known as POSH. What an appropriate name. The subscription fee alone is $20,000 and then you can start looking at the items available for purchase. This all is on Wall Street and done through the traders. Most of the items posted are from hedge fund managers and private equity people. All the items listed have a hefty price tag, higher than anything you would find on the normal Craigslist.



Want a Mercedes?


We have all watched MTV Cribs, Life of the Super Rich, and Mega Rich houses. There is a glamour afforded with the lifestyle that comes with having unlimited money. Sites have now found a way to charge. In this case it is probably for privacy so people don’t gain access to their personal emails or addresses. Or because they want to ensure that you can actually afford the item when they are being contacted. Since a majority of the population cannot afford even the subscription we just get to be in awe of the secret services for the rich.


There’s A Secret Craigslist Just For Rich People. (n.d.). BuzzFeed. Retrieved July 15, 2014, from http://www.buzzfeed.com/sapna/theres-a-little-known-craigslist-just-for-rich-people


2 thoughts on “POSH

  1. Exclusivity seems to be the ‘in-thing’ nowadays. Seems the rich really do live in a different world as the rest of us. Even their craigslist looks so different. Must be nice to be able to shop for island getaways from the luxury of a pent house suite.


  2. This is so dope! People want to feel elite and exclusive especially people with money. I used to always wonder how craigslist was making money but now i see how. Everyone lies to shop in exclusives clubs
    – Hautelook
    -Gilt Groupe
    -Rue La La
    and many more sites offer insight and proven limited availability!


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