Money Making Niche

We are all very familiar with the power of knowledge; those who enlighten people, enlighten other people and so on. Something very similar to this is blogging. Blogging has become so popular around the world to the point that people don’t even realize they are doing it. When you create a Facebook post or share a comment, you are creating a blog. With “blog” stemming from the term “Web Log” it is the process of sharing your thoughts and creating dialogue surrounding that particular topic. Now people are making millions from their thoughts, processes, and knowledge. Yes, they are making millions. There are fashion, tech, cooking, wedding, sports, drama, primetime television, etc blogs taking over our web space. In fact, we create blogs every week. Although we may not make money from them, if we really wanted to, we could.

How do these people make money from their blogs, you ask? Well there are a few ways to go about this new entrepreneurial skill.

  1. Google Adsense-Google Adsense is an option for you to allow Google to place ads on your blogs and you make money when people click these ads.
  2. Sell your own Ad Space- Depending on the audience you are catering, someone who sells something or offers a service similar to what you write about may want to buy an ad on your site. You as the owner can pick the amount and how much ad space you will allow them.
  3. Youtube/Style Haul Partnerships- there are many “beauty gurus” who use this option in the form of vlogging. Similar to ad sense they will place ads on your videos and you make money when people click.
  4. Appearances- once you become the go to person for your topic, people will ask you to make appearances to different workshops. You also can set your price here. (Clint & Roos 2012)

This may sound easier than it is actually done. There are millions of blogs in the world but only few are chosen when it comes to making the big bucks. For instance, Michelle Phan is a beauty vlogger and is reportedly worth $3 million dollars since starting her YouTube channel regarding beauty (Celebrity Net worth 2014). However, driving traffic to your blog/vlog is not easy. Here are some listed steps to driving traffic to your site:

  1. Your site should be content heavy. Get in the habit of posting at minimum five times a week; if not everyday.
  2. Keep your audience in mine. If you have a tech blog and one day you start to talk about baking, you may lose some of your audience. Stay on target.
  3. The writing should be great, but the esthetics should be even better. You want to make sure you site is easy to look at and easy to navigate.
  4. Keep popular posts on a sidebar so they are easy accessible.
  5. Stay humble. Once you begin to be really popular as a result from your blog and you find yourself having millions of page views, remain true to the craft. (Clint & Roos 2012)

Blogging is the newfound glory of this past decade. I know since we are all in a digital media Master’s program, most of us have at least one active blog. Take your blog to the next level with these tips and your digital storytelling. In the end we will be calling you “Money Making Niche.”



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4 thoughts on “Money Making Niche

  1. I loved how you said “even posting a Facebook post is a blog”. I didn’t realize this! I work in this industry and I definitely know you can make some BIG BUCKS blogging. There’s actually a girl that’s only 23 that makes around $960,000/year! Her blog started two years ago – and she’s already making 6 figures! It makes me want to vamp up my blog, but I know I need to be genuine and real and not just start posting to make money. I want to make sure I’m being the real me – and these tips were very helpful!


  2. I totally love this article! This phenom is so real; bloggers are the new journalist. I am sure that if we could all could get paid to have an opinion we would! I follow so many bloggers that started off as people with an opinion on food, fashion or even being a new mom! They are now bloggers for CNN, BET or even Vogue.


  3. I have always wondered if bloggers and video bloggers really make money. I feel like capturing expertise via internet has always been someone’s bright idea, but knowing how to capitalize on it is the real prize. It is amazing how useful blogs and video blogs are. I know personally I am always looking for the best way to wear a certain hairstyle or how to apply certain make up, or I am looking up fashion and food trends. I think if you know what you are talking about and it works, I support. Shoutout to the new forms of journalism taking over!!!


  4. Great read, Thanks Brittnie! These are some useful tips to launch a successful blog. I’ve been thinking of starting one for some time, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to post regularly and be consistent. I also agree with the fact that posting on Facebook can be considered blogging; I have a couple of friends who are always posting interesting articles / relevant info on their Facebook page, and they saw their followers increase exponentially. And it seems like a good way to start before the “blog commitment” 🙂


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