I shop with my cell phone and you?

The first time it happened was more or less one year ago. I was on vacation in a wonderful cottage in a National State park in the northern part of the state of Michigan. There was nothing except for a family of deer that used to waive us every morning coming in our garden. The closest shop was more than half an hour of driving distance and there was no Internet connection in the entire area. The only way to reach the external world was the Wi-Fi connection of my cell phone. And I used it, when I realized that I urgently needed to buy and having it delivered in my Chicagoan apartment when the vacation was almost at the end. So, I downloaded the app of one of the biggest online retailer store and bought what I wanted using my cell phone.
This happened last August. One day of the past week, when I opened my email, I received, among the others, a study’s result stating that in the first quarter of 2014 the 24.5% of users shop using mobile phones. So, I belong to a quarter of the American population that buys online using cell phones. This data surprised me a little bit. I have to admit that I buy online the 75% of my purchases, excluded the daily grocery shop. However I do it mostly using a tablet, finding it more useful given the size of the screen that allow me to better see what I want to buy. With my biggest surprise the study I analyzed presented a different reality. Even if the large majority of e-commerce users access to online commerce through a desktop (and this might be related with the size of the screen as well as with the biggest diffusion of this items over tablets and smartphones), at the second position in this ranking are mobile phone users, while the tablet users represent only the 12.4% of total e-commerce customers.
So, why this happens? An insight comes from the same report that explains, “mobile device drive site traffic, but shoppers mostly purchase on desktops”. Once I read this explanation I immediately thought about another habit I am having in my most recent years in the US. I have to admit that before buying something in a retailer shop, I check with my mobile phone if the same item is available on the Internet at a lower price or not and later at home, usually before going to sleep, I buy it online. Nevertheless, the few times I do no act in this way and I buy it directly in the shop, I find out that online was cheaper.
In the majority of the cases I buy online using my tablet, but I use my mobile phone to compare the prices when I am out in the retailer store and maybe my way of behaving is in line with the nowadays tendency. But, will the traditional commerce be able to survive while this new trend will establish itself more?


Custora. (July 2014). Custora E-Commerce Pulse Mobile report. Retrieved from

3 thoughts on “I shop with my cell phone and you?

  1. I shop with my phone; i think it is way convenient because it is in your hand. You can also save your sizes on certain apps and the app gets to know you as a customer. I think that it becomes a great shopping tool because you can take it anywhere and its fast!


  2. I do find myself clicking on ads via Facebook and scrolling through retail sites and essentially shopping. I prefer to shop via my Mac Book because I like to see all of my information clear and large. I like to look at sizing charts and enlarge the images of what I may be purchasing. I can do all of this on my phone, but when it comes to inputting my credit card information etc I prefer to be on a computer.


  3. I also shop with my phone all the time. I definitely find it easier and very practical, because it’s on the go, you can do it whenever you think of something you need/want. Today, every retailer big or small has a mobile app, so my phone became my new shopping tool.


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