Transmedia Storytelling: A convergent communication in digital age

I would like to start my blog post with a question again and here is the question.

What is your favorite movie series?


For girls, the answer could range from a fantasy story of Harry Potter, a vampire love story, Twilight Saga, to a science fiction action film, Transformer. And for boys, I am sure that The Matrix is definitely listed as one of your favorites. It was an easy question, right? So I have another one question for you,

Why do you like it?

The question is getting a bit harder, right? Some of you would say it is because of the storyline, genre, or even casting match your interest, but there actually is another factor behind that makes those movies impact to the audiences like you, it is the strategy called Transmedia Storytelling.

Transmedia Storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience” (Jenkins, 2007). What is so interesting about it? Transmedia Storytelling is the combination of powerful storytelling and awesomeness of technology. The story is unfolded across different media platforms, which each platform adds something unique and valuable to the story as well as motivates audiences to seek out more stories. As an audience, you happen to be exposed to multiple points of entry to the story, which allow you to participate in the story as a content creator.

A good case study to explain how Transmedia Storytelling works is The Matrix franchise. The picture below shows how bits and pieces of information are conveyed through live action films, a series of animation called Animatrix, comic books and video games. With all these media, it gives a whole picture of The Matrix story.



I believe that the ultimate goal of every brand and marketer when creating new campaign is to build brand engagement. And I see an opportunity that Transmedia Storytelling could make it happen. In the digital age like this, we have a lot of effective tools, both online and offline, to facilitate consumers and generate experience with the brand. The brand just needs to carefully consider about the audience, the story that the brand want to tell to its audience, the media platforms to spread the story, and an action the brand wants the audience to participate. I am sure that when the message and media are allocated suitably, likability will be created among consumers, which makes them want to stay with and engage to the brand eventually.




2 thoughts on “Transmedia Storytelling: A convergent communication in digital age

  1. I think this looks more in audience psychology and looking at why we as consumers buy or as an audience engage in the things we do. It is interesting to really to think about how much brands and products or directors and producers and companies research their audience in order to know how best to present whatever form of digital of media content.


  2. Transmedia storytelling is cool. I feel like it makes the audience pick up where the storytellers left off. It allows the audience to make their imprint within the story that they are in love with. Plus, as you mentioned brand engagement is in effect with transmedia storytelling. In fact, we might see this a lot more in the future with different brands.


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