Air Traffic

American Airlines, United, Spirit and Southwest all have one thing in common… Boring  safety videos. Some don’t even have a video where as others still do solely the on-flight demonstration.  So if you have been on a plane before, how many times can you listen to attendants drone on about how to buckle and unbuckle a seatbelt or whose oxygen mask to put on first?  I gave it until my 10th flight when I was 7. It was more useful for me to read my book and I still feel that way.

Then digital media struck in a new market, airplanes. First the videos arrived on those little screens. I watch those a few times because it was something new and stimulating. Yet, it was the same attendants, in the same tone of voice, droning on about the same thing. By my second flight with this new use of technology my book again was my best friend.  This is still going on today with a little more pep in the videos but nothing spectacular. Until I found this amazing video…

Who knew Betty White performed in air safety videos?! I watched this video twice! #notembarassed Air New Zealand has been applying innovative ideas to their safety videos. There was a lack of response, much like my own, in paying attention to these instructions. Seriously they are for safety purposes, we should at least refresh our memories. And since many travelers are like me Air New Zealand decided to try something new. They set the stage outside an airplane in a community for older gentlemen and ladies, used regular chairs to strap them on from falling and the elderly needing oxygen as their way to show how to put an oxygen mask on. Betty white was the center or attention with her fame, charm, and comedic genius. The flight attendants were great supporting actors laughing along with the wise older people around them. Air New Zealand utilized fame, comedy and an out-of-context airplane to get their point across – safety can be funny but also important.

Air New Zealand won awards for their videos. The performance-oriented digital innovations were chosen in 2013 in Bangkok. I didn’t even know awards were given for that – but they have a multitude of videos to prove they think outside the box to keep people’s interest alive. If you want to see more of their videos click the link below.

what will they think of next?

Air New Zealand safety video wins digital award. (2013, June 11). Air New Zealand safety video wins digital award. Retrieved July 8, 2014, from

2 thoughts on “Air Traffic

  1. The moment before taking off is the one of the most undesirable moments of the trip in my opinion. I agree with you that there’s nothing interesting / nothing new and attractive in safety videos. Tone of voice, gestures, and even script used in the videos are the same in every airline. That’s boring.

    From your video, I love how Air New Zealand created a new way of telling safety instruction. It is included utilizing Betty White as well as creating a safety instruction story through the Lord Of The Ring characters. The ideas are brilliant and differentiate itself from other airlines.


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