Turtle Power



Raphael was my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) when I was a child. I used to have his action figures and I would watch the TMNT movie (1990) almost every weekend. Needless to say, TMNT played an important role in my childhood. I grew up since then and I stopped investing much time into the TMNT franchise. But two things still remain, Raphael is still my favorite Ninja Turtle and I am still a fan of TMNT. Which is why I was incredibly excited seeing the trailer for the new movie coming out this August 2014.

I know the story is going to be the same. Shredder and his foot soldiers aka the Foot Clan are up to their diabolical plan to cause mayhem. But while the story is going to be the same recycled story that is used for many Hollywood motion pictures I am still going to check out the film and I’ll explain to you why…

Believe it or not, the TMNT story is still in demand because of its universal themes. Some of the universal themes found in TMNT are the following: courage, confidence, loyalty, and apathy. These are only a few of the themes found in the stories of TMNT. More themes are found with a proper diagnosis of the TMNT stories.

All of the brothers of TMNT share a uniqueness that separates them from one another. Leonardo is the leader and the “straight edge” of the group. He leads his brothers in every epic battle that they encounter. Michelangelo is the youngest that is the most lighthearted of the group, he is always making his brothers and the audience laugh. Donatello is the intelligent nerd of the group. He is always trying to use his intelligence to help his brothers battle anyone who comes in their way. As I stated earlier, my favorite is Raphael. He is the “wild card” of the group and sometimes he lets his temper get the best of him. However, no matter how much Raphael loses his temper, he still has a big heart and he wants the best for those he cares about.


By and large, the TMNT franchise played such a crucial aspect of my life that it would not matter to me that the story is recycled. The story of TMNT is about finding courage within yourself to save those that do not understand you. The storytelling of TMNT touched my life to be a brave person and still today as a graduate student it takes courage and strength to keep myself motivated. Essentially, the same themes that the turtles have showed in the past still hold true for myself and I am sure they also true for you as well. We can all learn something about the stories from TMNT. You do not have to be a fan of TMNT to appreciate the stories. But keep in mind, that even though the themes found in TMNT are recycled, that does not mean that they will one day go to waste.



5 thoughts on “Turtle Power

  1. Nice observation! Now I come to realize that not only TMNT, but also many cartoons and movies perform the same theme time and time again. In the past, I didn’t understand why movie companies kept reproducing some movies like Alice in Wonderland, Jane Eyre, The Poseidon Adventure, etc. Then I know now those eternal themes needed to be recycle to encourage people in different times.


  2. Throwback Tuesday! I used to love TMNT and I had all their action figures.. actually I used to get into huge fights with my brother over these action figures 😀 After reading your post, I checked their new movie trailer and I was quite disappointed. I liked the old ones so much better! It’s the same for all the other cartoons/ childhood movies, I always prefer watching the older versions, the ones I watched when I was a kid, rather than the newer ones. But I completely understand that kids nowadays will most definitely relate more to the new version of TMNT and find the older ones less fun because of its less advanced special effects.


  3. I had about a gazillion TMNT toys growing up including the blimp that was inflatable, the technodrome that opened up down the middle and that pizza shooter thing with which I annoyed my mom with on many occasions. When I first heard about this reboot, I was skeptical – especially how the original TMNT movie still holds up quite well! But the previews have definitely given me those nostalgia feelings, so I will probably check it out.


  4. Man, as a kid that grew up in Nigeria, TMNT was once of the first American shows that I can say I fell in love with. I was a huge Donatello fan, and I remember always making sure homework was done on time so I could watch the show with my brother. Anyhoo, TMNT has survived the times, but I have to say I am not one who has much faith in Michael Bay works and I already have reservations with the character designs. Hopefully this won’t impact the overall movie. I will probably end up watching it regardless.


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