Travelling in the Trip Advisor era

Raise your hand if you have never look at a Trip Advisor review before booking an hotel or reserving a restaurant while on vacation. I did!
Thinking of travelling without checking at least one or two reviews is almost impossible in this era where Trip Advisor is a must seen website to look at before making any vacation plan. As consumer I found myself choosing a destination based on the hotel reviews (of course, were places close by!) and I choose places to find based on reviews of other travellers and balancing what they wrote based on the geographical origin (I am well aware of the differences in terms of cooking style and culture!).
Next year Trip Advisor will turn 15 years and my life as traveller as profoundly changed since the birth of this website. Once upon a time I used to ask suggestion to peer or acquaintances about accommodations and restaurants in places I was planning to visit and I have been back from many vacations plenty of business card of spots that I wanted to recommend to friends or acquaintances that were planning to do my same trip later than me. Travelling at that time was a kind of adventurous experience since you had not a lot of opportunities to discover in advantage the places you were travelling to.
Fotorbusiness card
When Trip Advisor became the website to check before every vacation, the sense of adventure is lost. Thanks to the others travellers photo I can have an idea of how really look the accommodation I am going to stay look like (and of course, is thanks to that photos that I have choose that one lodging solution instead of others).
All in all, Trip Advisor works as power amplifier of the old fashion school way of travelling based on friends’ word of mouth. For consumer it’s an undeniable service. But what about hotels and restaurants owners or managers? I believe that also for them there are some advantages.
First, based on the travellers review they can really invest their money in upgrading their structures as the majority of people would love to or change in better the service they are already offering or not yet based on the requests of travellers.
In addition, “As the world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor (…) run a number of annual surveys, each with a dedicated theme” and thanks to these insights travel industry operators can really plan changes according to the real pulse of travellers.
Furthermore, if while travelling discover a place with the Trip Advisor certificate of excellence, how willing are you to choose that place instead of any other? Well, if you run well your business and other appreciate your work, you can benefit of an incredible amount of well paid return of image thanks to Trip Advsior Traveller’s choices.


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8 thoughts on “Travelling in the Trip Advisor era

  1. An interesting research! I’m a user of Trip Advisor too. But I’ve never tried to look up the reviews on Trip Advisor from the merchant’s respect. If I need to decide which tourist attraction I’m going to visit, I will definitely go to check out the reviews on Trip Advisor’s first. Then I will not visit the attraction, which has a low rating score. It sounds a good idea and economic way for merchants to analyze the customers’ review on Trip Advisor, and improve their service.


  2. I never use this site but I’m actually doing a lot of traveling within the next couple of months – so this will be a handy resource! I usually just like to wing it and figure things out for myself, but if I used this site, I could stay away from any places that would be a turn-off for me. I would also probably save a lot of money if I did some more research!


  3. I use TripAdvisor a lot as I can consider the website as my travel mate. Lol
    I used to travel alone for weeks so I think it would be better if we have a handful information of where to stay, where to eat, and where to go for the safety’s sake and yes, for making a trip the most memorable time and TripAdvisor served me very well.

    The world has shifted from the brand-centric to consumer-centric marketing. So I think it’s a good opportunity that the website can be a channel for consumers to give feedback to the brand. The services can stay as long as they meet consumers’ satisfaction, I think it’s a win-win situation.


  4. I loooove trip advisor! It’s such a life savior when it comes to planning nice vacations. I can’t remember a time where I planned a trip without it.. Besides enhancing the traveler’s experience, it also helps hotels/restaurant.. stay more competitive and improve their service to attract more client. I can definitely see the appeal for hospitality business owners in consulting trip advisor in a regular basis to get clients feedback.


  5. You could take this a step further in that we’re in a research-before-acting/booking era. Not only TripAdvisor for trips, but I rarely go out to eat a restaurant if I haven’t at least checked out it’s rating on Yelp. It’s just that if there are resources out there to investigate the quality of a restaurant or hotel that’s easily accessible, why not do a little research to make sure your money is well-spent.


  6. Hi

    It was brought to my attention that you are using one of my clients advertising work on your page here without any copyrights. Please remove this photograph as I am the photographer and own all rights to these images. Thanks Kurtay /
    Image shown;


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