Mirror Mirror on my MAC, Everything I ever think about, where’s the article for that?

I don’t know about you, but social media does a great job of advertising self-help and reflective articles from online magazines that appeal to pretty much anything we may be interested in; from top reasons men date this kind of woman, or the best ways for women to score a husband, from top healthiest foods to kinky do’s and dont’s. There is literally an article for everything. I often wonder, what editor says, “Hey if you can find the appropriate research, then go ahead and write it.” This brings me to an article I read on Elitedaily.com. The article is entitled, “Why 20-Something Women Need To Stop Thinking Like 30-Something Women”. (here’s the link its a good read http://elitedaily.com/women/20-something-women-need-stop-thinking-like-30-something-women/634789/ )  I read this article and was pleasantly surprised that this is the story of not only my life, but mostly the story of all of my friends in my same age bracket. I often think, who comes up with this content? Who says that this information is necessary for people to read? I don’t really have the answer to that, but I am excited that someone is genius enough to do it. According to an article ran in the New York Times, my age group is special. “a group of 80-million-plus young adults born roughly between 1980 and 1996 whom researchers and marketers insist are bound by common values.” This would make a lot of since as to the material that we find interesting enough to write about and publish. It is relevant to our generation. We have been called the “right-now” generation. We want things quickly. But can you really blame us, when technology has instilled in us this sense of instant gratification and access? With the type of information available in just about all online magazines, from health and beauty, love, careers, we need publications that not only get us, but encourage us and guide us and really be the voice to our “common values”.  I have read articles online that seem to have come from the core of my life and have been transformed and perfectly regurgitated into words and shared with the masses. So I looked up the top online magazines for men. And for women, well there are just so many. So I did not do a top women’s magazine list, just a list of those I found interesting. 

For men, these online magazines are free!




2. Maxim

3. FHM

4. Esquire

5. Men’s Health

6. Men’s Journal

7. Wired

8. Golf Digest (I know right, but its popular)

9. Popular Mechanics

and Smart Money

For women its a bit different. We have so many both online and in print and it really is by preference. I am African-American, and some issues are really specific to my culture, so I lean toward African-American publications online and in print like Ebony and Essence. When I am patrolling for quirky articles or lifestyle I look at MadameNoire online. I like Cosmo. I look at other online sites like elitedaily and madewomenmag.com and more.com. I look at vivmag.com and a lot more. Surprisingly, there are all kinds of lists for the top women magazines. But this particular list I found to be more accurate for my age group and my generation! See if you can recognize any of these.


10. Vogue

9. Shape

8. Bazaar

7. Lucky

6. Bust

5. Tango

4. Body and Soul

3. O 

2. Teen Vogue

1. Cosmopolitan 


I thought this list was pretty great. Some I have heard of and read, others not so much. This list is comprised of the top magazines  that give advice about love and relationships (Tango especially) and fashion and beauty. They also seek to inspire and encourage women spiritually and holistically. Some of these really get to the core of what and how we think and who we are as women no matter you race or ethnic background or religion. 

So to men and women, anything you ever think about or need to know, there’s an article for that somewhere, via online and in print!!!



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