Let’s chat on LINE

Recently, I discovered that 80% of the time I spend to communicate with people happens through text messaging application. There are only few times that I choose to call somebody and that because I want immediate response. More surprisingly, those calls last less than a minute, while I can spend hours and hours or the entire day chatting with my friends.

I suppose everyone is familiar with iMessage, an instant messenger service developed by Apple Inc., and WhatsApp, a cross-platform mobile messaging application, which is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. I used WhatsApp a lot several years ago and stopped using it for 2 years already. The reason I stopped chatting via WhatsApp is because I found a new interesting and fun chatting application that matches my lifestyle than WhatsApp does. Most of my friends, well, actually 100% of my friends also switched from WhatsApp to this application.

The application I want to introduce to all of you is called “LINE”. LINE is an instant messaging application that runs on smartphones, tablets, and also on personal computers developed by Naver Japan Corp. Because of its wide-ranging function from free messaging, photo and video sharing to voice and video calls, LINE global users skyrocketed over 100 millions within just 19 months after the application launched in 2011.


Besides its features that are very simple and convenient, this all-in-one messaging app is also a good storyteller, which makes itself even more unique. LINE creates characters and use them as emoticon, which the app calls them ‘sticker’. These stickers are used to express feelings or situations instead of using words, which, I think, makes the conversation more fun and lively. Also, these stickers are one of the major factors that helps increase LINE users as it’s new and different from other instant messaging app.


Since last year, LINE has planned to expand its market to the US. “People are really taking to this new way of communicating,” said Jeanie Han, the chief executive of the American offices. “We realize that this could translate over to the Western part of the world.” In addition to offering free messaging, LINE has other major sources of revenue, which are in-game purchases of virtual items and special stickers that users buy and send as messages. Ms. Han also added that LINE was working to partner with local brands, toy companies and movie studios in order to appeal to American audiences and generate games and content that American users will recognize and gravitate towards.

Here is TV commercial of LINE that was aired in the US. Let’s try the app and you’ll love it.


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3 thoughts on “Let’s chat on LINE

  1. Hahahah, that’s so funny! And the videos are interesting too. I’m definitely a big fan of instant chatting apps. I started to used Line to communicate with my friends three years ago. I used to think Line is a very innovative chatting app. In recent couple years, more and more chatting app has been developed, like whatsapp, wechat, kaokaotalk, groupme ect. Line needs to fight hard for the market…lol


  2. I hear you with the division of friends on different apps. I know there are marketing downsides to monopolies, but I do kinda wish all the chat apps–as listed by jxlouise above–duke it out like Game of Thrones style and have one chat app (WeChat or LINE if I could vote) rise to the top so we all could just use one. Also, love the commercial; mixed couples = an internationally legit look lol.


  3. I have never heard of Line before reading your post. I am a whatsapp user and I find it very helpful to share photos with my friend all around the world and I believe is the easiest and less expansive way to communicate with them. Tika in her comment listed a lot of other apps on the market I did not know they existed. I will try them and then I will decide which one works best for me


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