Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Not all people are willing to veer from the plan. You’re told “You need to get an education to get a job.” So, you complete high school and go to college while some pursue further education. But how many people don’t go that route and are still successful?

The crazy ones, that’s who. Those are the people that don’t always follow the rules. They are not the norm and succeed in a manner many of us might not be able to. Apple did an advertising campaign called “Here’s to the Crazy Ones”, highlighting how people may see crazy while others see genius.

In turn, this was a marketing tactic for their products. The personal computer, the iPad, iPhone are all a lifestyle, not just another product. Apple’s goal is to be innovative, stand out from other companies, “Think Different”. Being like another company was not Apple’s intention. Their products are a package, within a package, within a package. The core processor, ram, and memory board are boxed into a sleek titanium case in a white box with the Apple logo. Their product markets itself because Steve Jobs believed you cannot fool people into buying a bad product.


Jobs wanted the personal computer to be simple for everyone to be able to use. If they produced the best product people would notice it. Simplicity and creativity is what Apple was founded on. Their message has resonated since 1984. The advertising sells a lifestyle not just the product. The crazy ones are those employees that create the ideas for the next innovation who did not follow another product that was on the market but created the next idea to revolutionize the market.


Are you one of the crazy ones?


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One thought on “Here’s to the Crazy Ones

  1. I do believe that the one and only thing Apple has achieved more than anything else is their marketing. They have such good marketing tactics that it can make someone who wants to be “different” or a “rebel” invest in their products. Other companies have done the same with marketing to people that want to be “rebels” or “different”. But it seems that Apple has taken charge and even innovated the way marketers work. At the end of the day, I do consider myself to be one of the “crazy ones”. But I am a “crazy one” on my PC and not a Mac.


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