Creeps @ Facebook

Hello Digital Mavens! I sure you heard about what the creeps at Facebook did. In case you didn’t check this out. Everyone as a bad day but the crazy things is what if on your social media and scroll through your friends post were all sad and angry post, would you think twice about it? Well, a lot of internet users include me are angry about the news that Facebook researchers manipulated all the content for a majority of users. Facebook change the post for almost 690,000 users. Some people were shown a high number of positive post, while the rest saw more negative posts.

ImageWe all just received news about this after the study was conducted in 2012. Its really funny to find out last, but even sadder to think that studies that involved us can be conducted without us even knowing it.

The study found out that Facebook users that were shown more negative Facebook post were more likely to produce negative posts, which other users who got positive Facebook post responded with more positive posts. Hearing this doesn’t surprise me, but I would like to know the age range, and other demographics. It’s overall a good study but it would have been nice to at least know that a study would be taking place for the Facebook users that were invoice.

ImageBUT, GUESS WHAT! Facebook’s term of service gives permission to conduct this kind of research, but many users have reacted with anger, but of course these uses did not read the terms of service correctly when accepting it. I am not saying that I read my terms of service when I joined and updated my Facebook, but who does. Its something that takes up too much time to read over and even if you select to print it, you never read it.

Overall its great the study actually worked, Facebook successfully change the emotional state of its users. All the mood changes were small, the researchers reported out that the study proved somethings about just with a small size and scale of social network, it really has a big impact on the general society. Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, which over a billion active users Facebook has really left an imprint on today’s society.



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4 thoughts on “Creeps @ Facebook

  1. Nice post! I’ve never thought about which mood I was in when I was posting something on Facebook. After reading your article, I started to realized that the social media for some people, at least for me, served as a negative emotion outlet for us to escape from the reality a little while.


  2. Wow. Reading this made me think of a bunch of sheep being herded through a digital tunnel. Ironically enough, I’m more or less a sedated sheep who is just trying to find the next ‘like’ fix. I’m glad that this raised ethical flags among savvy Digital Mavens out there. There are several pictures in this link ( that your article makes me think of (the FB one, and the sheep one at least).


  3. Really disgusting at their effrontery and what facebook gets away with it disguised under their so called TOS (Terms of service). The sad part about all this is that there’s not enough outrage, companies like Facebook shouldn’t be able to get away with such.


  4. You are absolutely correct! Facebook has definitely overstepped their boundaries. However, I then find myself asking, have they really? The only difference between Facebook and other entities is they sort of got caught. This is similar to other sites running stories by popping campaigns in our sidebars as we surf the internet of similar things we have searched in the past. This is all research based on cause and effect. These brands are trying to do secret research for authentic results. It does raise some ethical concern but it creates unbiased findings.


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