A Game of High Tech and High Revenue: Transformers 4


Even though many viewers gave negative reviews to the newly released Transformers, it still cannot prevent the Transformers 4 to become the box office winner of this summer.

Besides the latest robots, super stunning visual effects, and heroism story, the series of Transformers always can become a hot topic every time it has been played on the big screen—because of its ads placing ability. Therefore, movies fans continuing tried to dig out how those commercial brands made their way to Hollywood.

Recently, the Chief Strategy Officer of Fundamental Media, Daniel Wang, revealed the secret of movie placement in an interview with Time Movie website. Daniel said: “ The cooperation between movie and commercial brand is like getting married—both sides need to take time to know each other before registration.”

Being a “matchmaker” of movies and brands, you not only have to be familiar with the rules and procedures in movies industry, but also need to have a powerful social network and know how to market products and communicate with others.

After the cooperation between RedBull and Fundamental Media in movie 007: SkyFall, Fundamental Media helped RedBull find a new relationship with Hollywood movie two years later. Daniel Wang said: “ In the cooperation this time in Transformers 4, our project team had many rounds of discussion and analyzation with the movie production team.” Then they noticed that RedBull has a long history of sponsoring sports activities. Thus, the leading man who has a talent of driving became the RedBull’s signing racer in the movie naturally. And it was also understandable for the leading man to support the sponsors’ products in the story. “You cannot affect the story when you place ads in it. Otherwise it will irritate the storyteller and audiences” Daniel said.

It seems that it’s been half way to success when the brand got the chance to place ads in such a famous Hollywood movie. In fact, instead of stoping their steps and waiting for the benefits that the placements brought to them, merchants tried their best to maximize the marketing effects. With the help of Transformers 4, RedBull marketed its product through online and offline advertising, events, and posters across the country. Moreover, it also released a limited edition collection of the energy drink in golden can. In this case, the movie got an extra funding from the sponsor, and the brand got the opportunity to market itself to worldwide audiences at the same time. Daniel described this successful placement as “a good deal of 1+1>2.”


“Transformers 4: Age of Extinction” is the first movie, which is using 4K and IMAX 3D camera to shoot the film. One camera values more than $ 1,000,000.

The IMAX 3D digital camera with full 4K shooting function, which weights 38 pounds.


In order to capture the robot battle scenes, director let the elevator equipped with 3D cameras quickly went all the way down from the skyscraper.


IMAX 3D digital camera that shoots the film in 4K resolution can reach 100 frames per second.


One thought on “A Game of High Tech and High Revenue: Transformers 4

  1. Nice post. I think one of the reasons that T4 got the high revenue is because of its target audiences as well. By planting commercials and Chinese elements, it sells really fast in China.


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