Get Benefits using Social Media while Travelling

In its last survey related to accommodations and travellers habits, Trip Advisor notices “traveler feedback plays a key role in the travel cycle”. Here are some details.trip advisor
This tendency is even more marked if we consider the only U.S. market where the 95% of travelers say reviews are influential when choosing where to book.
In another survey realized by Trip Advisor back in October 2013 and related to Mobile & Social Media trends reveals that 9 out of 10 travelers use mobile devices while traveling.
Maybe all these data sounds familiar to you. But how you as travel can take advantage of your social media activity? I got an answer reading the last issue of Travel and Leisure. In their July 2014 magazine, there is an article explaining how vacationers are receiving more and more advantages from organizations operating in the travelling industry.
Since companies are well aware of travelers’ use of social media, they are now reward the more influential among them in spreading the voice. This is the strategy adopted BY American Airlines who offered in 2013 free admission to its Admirals Clubs to all clients with a 55 or higher Klout score, the ranking scale that measures your ability to drive action on social media.
Influence Copy
Effective social media sharers are getting more and more benefits from almost all the kind of companies that operate in the travel industry, from airlines companies to hoteliers major brands and airports. For instance, as travel and Leisure reports, Virgin Airlines send out its flight attendants in taxis to bring travelers to the airport if they weren’t unable to find a taxi, while Singapore’s Changi Airport passengers received a bag filled with goody at the gate because the free marketing promotion they did tweeting to @FansofChangi with the #ChangiHello hashtag.
Through social media platforms the opportunities for brands to get free exposure are immense. This is the case of Kimpton hotels that has gone viral on Twitter for delivering soup in sick-in-bed-guests. This is way enthusiastic travelers who spreads the word about experiences are receiving from hotels are also compensate with benefits. It happened to a Fairmont hotel guest that after praised Le Labo toiletries, received sample of them at home.
Are you influential on your social platforms? Try to spread the word and you will receive some VIP treatment!


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4 thoughts on “Get Benefits using Social Media while Travelling

  1. I use trip advisor all the time when I am flying out. This actually does play a big role in where I choose to stay when I visit somewhere. On my last vacation I went to Miami and I used trip advisor but I did find myself saying that reviews can sometimes be biased. I’m pretty sure people with bad experiences review more than people with good because they want people to know how bad the service was. People with good reviews may feel like that they do not need to review because they expect good services anyway. I had the best hotel stay ever in Miami, but I never went and left them a review.


  2. This is so cool! I never realized Klout score could affect your travel status. I believe social media plays a huge part in influencing where people go. I know when I studied abroad and shared with all my friends on social media, many discussed that they wanted to travel to the exact spots I traveled to. I would definitely share stuff more often if I knew travel companies, hotels, and airlines were offering some goodies. I’ll be sure to do this next time I travel!


  3. For a second there I had to stop and think when was the last time I booked without using social media? I seriously don’t remember. LOL I did score a few free on-flight internet passes recently, also using social media perks.


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