Documentary: A bite of China

Who doesn’t love food! Then how about a documentary of a gourmet rally! “A bite of China”(“Bite”) is the very first large-scale HD food documentary produced by China Central Television. The first season was launched in 2012. It is all about various types of food in different areas in China. It introduces Chinese people’s daily food flow, multifarious diet traditions, unique taste aesthetics, and the eastern life value.


The Chief Director, Xiaoqing Chen, says that this series of documentary are not only made for those people who love food, the target audience is normal people, everyone. The objective of the doc is to let people from domestic and overseas to know and appreciate the beauty of Chinese food, and then to perceive Chinese cultural tradition and society transition thought the window of delicious food. “We are not filming any chef’s special,” Chen says, “just normal home-style cooking.” He also states that instead of only showing the taste food, the Bite will also tell the story of people’s lives, showing the connection between the society and food. One of the most important topics in this documentary is the change of China, a transition of tradition to modern. The production team also sets a standard for the food subjects, which is to film the food that reflects Chinese people’s soul.


As the very first large-scale HD food series, A bite of China targets itself a high-quality-gourmet-documentary. There are only seven episodes in the first season. But it took nearly 13 months for filming them in 70 different places in China. And the four standards of the food that can make into the Bite are, health, true, relative home-style, and crave-satisfying. Every episode has to go through three stages before producing, copywriting, research, and filming in multiple locations.


A bite of China is considered as the most viewed documentary since 1990. The online view was approaching 20 million in the first half month after it was released. It shows the Chinese food, and also Chinese people’s emotions. It tells stories of normal people’s life, which is commented by press “with both saliva and tears.”    



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2 thoughts on “Documentary: A bite of China

  1. This looks really cool. I love hearing people’s stories through food, it is amazing how tied to culture and emotions it can be. A great example of creative digital storytelling!


  2. I love this documentary! Being a foodie, I enjoy tremendously documentaries about culinary cultures around the world. I think the food we eat says a lot about who we are, and that’s exactly what makes this documentary so awesome: far from being cliché, it makes China more accessible through its food.


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