Why Google?

As a beginner in the visual storytelling field, who knows so few about relevant knowledge but is eager to learn more, I have developed an obsessive habit of asking why and how in my head every time I see a great video. “Oh my god this is so good!” ,“How did they do it?!!”…these voices keep wondering in my head and until I can’t stand them any more I will ask Google for help.

Now there is a video which has been stuck in my head for weeks. It was in a theatre when I first time watched the video. It was showed right before movie time. I remember I was in tears after watching it, ridiculously. For me, a movie junkie, the big fancy movie screen let the video make a perfect first impression. The more interesting thing is, now I can’t remember what movie I watched that day while I can remember the video vividly. Every time when I use Google I think of it. The video was a Google commercial.

As you can see, it is a well-made commercial, and obviously a very engaging one, which you can see from the number of 3 million views and 5 thousand comments on YouTube. But it’s not this single video I want to talk about, it’s more about the users’ whole impression of one brand.

While I was searching materials for this post, I found another video about Google.

You might already have seen this video, since it’s kind of a big hit. What’s your impression of the video? Funny? Stupid? Ridiculous? Awesome? …If Google was really a “guy”, and the “Grads” video might make “him” look warm and inspiring, this video might just add another layer to “his” personality. As for me, a Google user already, I only like the brand more after watching these videos.

At the end of “if Google was a guy”, Google didn’t forget to mention its competition, “Bing”, which does have a lot less users than Google, like what’s showed in the video. I once tried to use Bing, but I returned to Google shortly after. Why? For me, who couldn’t tell which one is technically the better search engine even after trying both of them, it’s simply about my habit and my impression towards the brands. And Google is winning Bing right now when it comes to this area.

For example, after watching these two videos about Google, I started to look for videos or commercials of Bing. Like what is showed in the search result below, there aren’t many promotion videos of Bing even on its own searching engine. And what you can see from the numbers of the views of these video is that, they are not very popular either.

The search result of “bing commercial” on Bing:

It can be very tricky when it comes to consumers’ mind. But sometimes, it can be just about making more and more presence to your potential user. Make a memorable first impression, and then make better and better ones.




4 thoughts on “Why Google?

  1. I love this post. Google is so abundant on the internet and throughout internet users. I use google for everything. it’s my home page of course. I use an android and gmail, my calendar is synced with google. I use almost every google service/app available for my phone. That was a truly great video too. I think it’s because of the nostalgia of high school.


  2. Very funny video. I did not know there was a part 2, which showed the NSA monitoring internet users based sensitive key words they were searching. Also, Google is so naughty that at the end of the part 2, they did not forget to tease Microsoft, one of their major competitors.


  3. I can’t remember when was the first time I used Google, all I know now is Google has become part of my everyday life already. Google, for me, is a starting point of everything.
    I love the first video a lot. It reflects my undergrad life so well. Using emotional approach to promote brand is very wise. It makes Google personality more friendly and the brand to be memorable.


  4. Google has really emerged since its first interactive existence 15 years ago. I, myself use Google for everything as well. It is like home to billions of people. We go there to literally find everything. You want food, you go to google, you want clothes, you go to google, you want research help, you go to google. It’s weird because I think of what did we do before google even existed? Branding is also everything with Google. It’s no surprise that these videos would get so many hits. It’s google.


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