Advertising – New Media Trends

So I was looking up new media and came across this video (Found Here) for advertising and traditional and new media trends ahead. The video is by Bloomberg “MarketMakers,” and Miles Nadal is the Guest on the show for this clip. Miles is MDC Partners founder, Chairman and CEO. MDC Partners is a partnership of several Multi Discipline Communications.(MDC) After some talk about the FIFA world cup and the advertising agencies affiliated, Nadal get to the trends.

As many of us already know, mobile and social media marketing is mentioned as a big area and streaming video as well. It is very interesting to hear that “the greatest way to build a brand is through traditional media.” It fascinates me that, “television is still the most effective means of getting to a mass audience,” but as he continues, it becomes apparent that Hulu and Netflix are included in that category. As a young adult I find myself watching literally no cable television, But i find myself streaming Netflix and Hulu constantly, often binge watching some of my favorite shows.(Bloomberg)

Nadal does go on to talk about more trends that we face as marketers and storytellers. Check out the video.


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3 thoughts on “Advertising – New Media Trends

  1. I like the summarization at 4:54: “Online activity is cannibalizing the value of the news, especially on magazines and national newspapers.” My favorite is at 7:40: “15 months is the average lifespan of a chief-marketing officer lowest in ever history because they are under more pressure than ever before to drive tangible measurable returns on marketing investments.” And the takeaway from Nadal at the end of the video: the key is to be flexible and nimble when it comes to these new social media marketing tools. Thanks Matt for sharing.


  2. Really big into the world cup and football events. I am intrigued by how advertisers target various demographics and audiences. I have been fortunate enough to watch both English and Spanish language broadcasts of the world cup and the advertising is definitely different. I wonder if this is the same on mobile and social media and what type of analytics goes into creating such.


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