What’s That On Your Face?


Lately with all the technology in the world we have found tons of ways to tell our stories digitally. We tell stories through our phones on social networks, from our digital cameras on our blogs, through word of mouth on our podcasts, but now we have a piece of technology that allows us to share from our face. Yes, I repeat I did say from our face. The new technology craze is Google Glasses. These new glasses are a pair of technology glasses that allow you to take pictures, use navigation, record videos, upload send messages, play music, upload data and more. All of this is done directly from the glasses themselves. This piece of equipment shows how fast technology is actually moving. However, is it moving too fast? Are we ready for a piece of equipment this smart? This topic first came to me in a class I had in the Spring semester. Since the product was just announced in early 2013 and sent for testing among certain individuals in late 2013 there is no research to help aid in the queries I have posed. This blog post will be dedicated to my personal opinion regarding Google Glass.


Google Glass presents strides in our new technology by allowing our phone to now be on our face. However, I think we are headed for trouble with technology moving this fast. In my opinion we are building robots. On our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram news feeds we always read about multiple stories that are completely falsified or inaccurate. These topics are made up from individuals who have the ability to create these made up stories, which is anyone. Imagine someone having the access to disguise glasses and take pictures to make up stories. For instance if someone is wearing these glasses in class and decide to use them while taking a test, upload to another student and share answers. Another example is someone wearing these glasses somewhere cameras are not permitted and they record sensitive information and share it. A Seattle business has already banned Google Glass stating, “We don’t let people film other people or take photos unwanted of other people in the bar, because it is kind of a private place that people go (Stenovec 2013).”

Photo From HuffingtonPost.com


Technology like this continues to decrease the validity and reliability of the information that is out there.  The content and access of this information is right at our eyes to share.  Google Glass also may present a safety concern. By the screen popping in the right peripheral it takes focus off of what you may doing. For instance if you are driving while using Google Glass then you may not pay attention to the road while trying to watch the screen and cause an accident.  These are just a few examples of the setbacks this new technology may pose.

As a world we continuously try to create the next best thing. We try to get it as compact as possible while using the most technology that we have. We are moving at a pace that is too great. We are slowly building robots. Technology is a great thing but not when it over takes man.



How it Feels [through Google Glass]. (2013, February 20). YouTube. Retrieved June 23, 2014, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1uyQZNg2vE


Stenovec, T. (2013, March 14). Google Glass Ban Underscores Privacy Concerns Months Before        Futuristic Specs Are Even Released. The Huffington Post. Retrieved June 23, 2014, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/14/google-glass-ban-privacy-concerns_n_2856385.html


5 thoughts on “What’s That On Your Face?

  1. Wow, I couldn’t agree more! That’s what my post had to deal with, technology evolving too fast. It’s scary to think half the world is run by technology, something HUMANS created! I think the Google Glasses are silly… from a shallow standpoint. I would never be caught walking around in those things. I didn’t even think about this issue of having them on where cameras are not permitted. I wonder if that was a factor Google considered when they were inventing them. I bet many people will follow that bar’s rules, and Google will face some serious issues.


  2. First off, great title. I remember years ago I would made fun of people wearing bluetooth earpieces and looking like they are talking to themselves sometimes. Then, I became one of them. My experience talking to other people whilst this piece of tech was in my ear was that it somehow made me feel like the interaction became more impersonal. I don’t know if trending Google glasses will do the same.


  3. Amazing post and video. And I definitely agree with you that the Glass may present a safety concern on privacy issues. I read an article about that the State of Illinois is trying to pass an act that bans the Google Glass, which I don’t agree with. Technology is operated by humans, who’s behavior that needs to be regulated, not the tools.


  4. I enjoyed your post a lot. I totally agree with your opinion that the developing technology challenges our moral norm every day. However, I think that is the driving force urges us to improve our society and create new things to make our life better. Even though it is necessary to regular the usage of new technology devices to prevent us from privacy infringement, we also need to keep in mind that the over protection might decrease creative thinking to some extent.


  5. I’ve ben following a story of this lady who went into a San Francisco Punk bar, and claimed she was attached by the patrons because she refused to take her Google Glass off of her face. She has made quite a few waves all over the news, and I got to read updates about it on Facebook. However, sometime after the incident, people have started investigating background, only to find she had a history of trouble making. It hunk the bottom-line of the story was that she wasn’t really attacked at all. Go figure…


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